Your April Horoscope: Mercury Goes Direct!

The Standard Spa, Miami Beach’s in-house astrologer, Lori Bell, did you a solid and laid out your month ahead. Thank her in person when you see her around the property and book an appointment to go deeper into your astrological chart (If you're not in Miami, she does readings via phone, too!). This month's biggest takeaways: Mercury goes direct! Happy Year, the Astrological New Year begins on April 5th with the New Moon in Aries. You get a second chance on those New Years resolutions! Happy Spring.

Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)

Happy Birthday, Aries! Pull the lever on your leather lounger, spread out, and chillax... The universe has gifted you serenity this birthday season. April begins with Mercury going direct. So, you can begin this new astrological year with a much-needed break from the brutal effects of Mercury’s retrograde last month. With the new year and an Aries new moon, you have my permission—well, actually it's a demand—to be self-focused for a little while. On April 5th, set clear intentions about what you want to manifest. Dictate that wish list into your smartphone or tell Alexa to do it; plaster your home with motivational post-it notes; listen to "get off your ass" podcasts, and finally create a vision board that ignites a fire to plan the future. Aries, this is your time to take chances and be inspired. It's as if the astrological new year is personalized for you. Never one to shy away, please be bold now; watch mighty forces follow and dreams come true between now and mid-October. Hold on to these dreams closely; keep revisiting them; tweak as necessary. Oh, and remember to be patient in the process. Your next birthday gift arrives on April 20th when Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and magnetism, shifts into Aries. Heads and hearts will be turning your way. You're smokin’ hot right now, Aries! Relish in all of the flattering attention. Even strut a little bit. However, don't let it swell your head. Saturn, the planet of caution, restraint, and discipline may feel like it’s putting the breaks on your spontaneous "just do it" mentality. During moments when you are raring to go, but the car won’t start, control your urges. Remember, you are still in chill mode. Instead of seething with frustration, engage in something productive and fun. Go exercise. Have sex. Go dancing. Hit the stores. Grab the vape pen. Just be careful to come back to reality without dwelling in the play clouds. The heavy planets are all huddled in your 10th house of career. Think long term, Aries; plan practically and professionally as you heed those wish lists. Chiron, the wounded healer, hovers in your sign for the next 8 years, meaning you're going to have to deal with lingering anger issues. You know... the issues and confrontations you've been avoiding? Just fix them. Uranus, the great awakener, had you on a re-invention tour for 8 years! With Uranus out and Chiron in, it's time for healing and resolution. Aries, you are the most passionate, adventurous, and spontaneous sign of the zodiac. When you are on, nothing can stop you. Just think of the things you will accomplish when your full potential is unleashed. Lead, and we will follow. Cheers to your new year, Aries! I think you should throw a dual birthday/new astrological year party and remember to invite me.

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)

Ready for reinvention, Taurus? The astrological new year falls on April 5th along with the new moon in Aries. Put on your fancy pants because you get to have a redo of New Year's 2019. Think back to those resolutions you made; make them again. This time, be very clear and precise. Please do not blow this opportunity. The planets are aligning and presenting you with once-in-a-lifetime aspects. The new moon lands in your 12th house of inner-self. Contemplate your navel. Seriously. Tap into the powerful energy of the universe to change your life for the better. Turn inward and listen. It's time to be alone, creating your true vision for 2019. Go garden and plant those seeds, both literally and figurately. What you plant this year will actualize in 2020. Uranus has been living in your 12th house for the past 8 years, breaking up the status quo of your subconscious. I hope it took you on the spiritual road less traveled. Did you hang out with shamans, purge with ayahuasca, or commune with nature as your guide? Well, whichever way you connected with the universe, you now have a personal hotline to the cosmos. Tell them what you want! As Uranus exited your 12th house, the shaman asteroid, Chiron, entered. He'll be dwelling there for the next 8 years, helping you shed outdated self-perceptions. April is always the month to go within, clear thoughts, and find new courage before you step into Taurus season. On April 22, the sun and rebel planet Uranus hook up in your sign, dear Taurus, further shaking you out of your comfort zone. They say life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Take new risks and find new zones. Taurus, as the most stubborn sign of the zodiac, don't resist. Trust me. You're in for a wild 8 years ahead as you embark upon the reinvention tour of a lifetime. Just keep chanting your mantra and you'll fine—"flexibility." Maybe get it tattooed on your wrist as a reminder? Happy Spring and renewal, Taurus!

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Gemini, how I love giving you good news. April kicks off with your head honcho, Mercury, back in action. What a relief! I know it was the weirdest mercury retrograde in a long time. Gemini, you suffer the most when he goes MIA. Well, Mercury is now in Pisces and aligned with Neptune in your career sector. So, you may have been inspired with ideas but stuck during the retrograde period. Now, all of that stalled energy will start moving forward. The yearly new moon in Aries occurs on April 5th; this is an astrological new year. Resolve those resolutions once again, this time with a very clear set of intentions. April is the ideal month to envision new plans and set the tone for the rest of 2019. The yearly new moon energizes your 11th house of social networks, friendships, and co-collaborators. This is where you thrive, Gemini. Networking could be your middle name. Invite your tribe over for a new moon gathering and set those intentions together. Join a new meet-up, try a meal-sharing vegan dinner, knock on a neighbor's door and say hey. For the first time in two years, passionate, action-driven Mars enters your sign. The spotlight is directly on you, Gemini. Get ready to showcase all that you've been dreaming up with others. The planets are in full support of your plans; Jupiter aligns with the Aries new moon. Mars gives you that added drive, and Mercury is direct. Please, just stay focused! Keep the brain-wandering in check. With a mind as fast as yours, most of us cannot keep up. Gemini, please tell the monkeys in your mind to quiet down so you can keep kicking ass. Happy Spring!

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Spring has sprung, Cancer. The once-a-year lunar new moon spotlights your 10th house of career. The new moon in Aries also marks the astrological new year. Not quite Groundhog Day, but you get to celebrate New Year's Eve 2019 again. Cheers, indeed! Re-set your intentions, getting crystal clear on 2019 goals. Hint, hint--focus on your career, Cancer! What you plant now will manifest by mid-October. You've got Aries ruling this house of career. So, no cry-baby Cancer behavior. A natural leader in the workplace, rise up and take charge. Showcase your bold, courageous,, and adventurous side; success is bound to follow. Your career has been fluctuating since 2011--crazy-making. How many jobs, positions, or professional forays have you had over the past 8 years? Did you stop counting? Blame rebellious planet Uranus, whose been wreaking havoc in your career aspects for nearly decade, and then big him goodbye! Pop open that bottle of champagne and toast to returned stability in your career sector. On April 18th, a full moon lands in Libra, the second one of the year. Like New Year's revisited, the universe is sending this second full moon with a message about your 4th house. Take heed and "go home." The 4th house is all about hearth, family, roots. So are you, Cancer. When your home life isn't harmonious, you just don't function well. Happy home, happy Cancer. You may be thinking of moving or shacking up with your lover. It's a powerful new moon. Instead of letting your emotions run amok, make home life your priority. You will thank me for it. So will the rest of your household. Second chances, Cancer... Use them well in this time of renewal.

Leo (July 23-Aug 22)

Leo, you epitomize Pharell's song Happy! Happy Spring to you. Now please go and spread your happy joy; we all need it after last month's insane retrograde. The once-a-year new moon in Aries, which is also the astrological new year, occurs on April 5th. Begin anew like the Spring... Set your intentions for 2019; it's a repeat of December 31st but without the party, glitter, or hangover. This time your plans can actualize; you have to wait until mid-October for them to ripen. The new moon energy activates your 9th house of travel, cultures, higher learning, and spirituality. It is hanging out in Aires, your partner in crime. This means you have universal carte balance to spread your wings and fly! Grab your passport; cash in those frequent flier miles; and take yourself on an adventure. Or maybe go back to school, attend a Ted talk, watch Travel Channel on Roku. Just expand your mind. This shouldn't be too hard for you, Leo, as this area of your life is one where you already take risks and live large. Jupiter in Sagittarius, your other BFF, is aligned with this new moon. He lands in your 5th house of love affairs, creativity, and kids. If paired up, book another ticket for your love and take off on a romantic adventure together. If you have children, find a kid-friendly destination and bring them along—just search out a great babysitting service in advance! On April 22nd, the yearly meeting occurs between the mighty Sun and rebel disrupter Uranus. This merger is happening in your career sector and remains there for the next 8 years. Think outside of the box, Leo! Uranian energy is inventive, radical, and unexpected; it also rules technology. You may launch a start-up, begin a new blog, or develop an app for your business. Uranian energy is trailblazing; whatever you do, be innovative. Leo, we all know how you love being the center of attention and showing your pride, especially when you receive accolades in response. Maybe you'll end up on the cover of Time or become the next tech rising star. The sky's the limit! Enjoy, Leo; please don't forget to spread your happiness like sparkle dust to the rest of us.

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22)

Virgo, get going! April brings a much-needed reprieve as Mercury finally goes direct. You can breathe again, dear Virgo. The astrological New Year is the Aries new moon, which occurs on April 5th. You get another chance at those New Year's resolutions; this time with the cosmic forces guiding you. Get super clear on what you envision your life to be in 2019. You're ready to make those lists... Knowing you, Virgo, you'll whip out sophisticated spreadsheets with color-coordinated timelines. And while I know you love these details, please try and keep it simple. Forego the meticulous lists and opt for a creative vision board instead. Just plant the seeds of intentions on the new moon and watch them bloom in mid-October. Where Aries falls in your chart is where your courageous, risk-seeking, bold self dwells. That part of you lands in the 8th house of sex, money, personal transformation, and intimacy. Whoever labeled Virgo as prudish was so wrong. You're passionate, sometimes even wanton. Regarding money, call your investment broker; pay off your debts; refinance your home; just energize your financial life. Get sexy with a renewed focus when it comes to intimacy; you could use it. Lay off the perfectionism and have some real fun with your wild side. On April 22nd, the radiant Sun hooks up with the radical planet Uranus in your 9th house of long-distance travel, spirituality, higher learning, and different cultures. Uranus is now in Taurus, your bestie. Uranus, the disruptor, wants to shake up your life. There is a restlessness to travel, learn, and expand your world view. I suggest you plan a trip. Be innovative in planning and go someplace you've never been. Take that class you've always wanted. Then, Mars is in Gemini for the first time in two years, activating your 10th house of career and ambition. Mars infuses energy into these sectors. It's a perfect time to start on work projects you've tabled. Network and tap into people who can help you grow professionally. I recommend "free your mind" as a new personal mantra. Virgo, April 2019 is shaping up to be unforgettable in the best possible ways.

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22)

Love is in the air, Libra. April is going to be one of your favorite months! It activates your house of partnerships, and Libras cherish being in a couple. April 5th brings a new moon and astrological New Year into Aries. Can you say do-over? Yes, you have an opportunity to reset those New Years' aspirations. This time, you have the force of the universe behind you. Now, that's powerful. So, get to it. Write a list and check it twice as you don't want to make idle wishes. Also, be careful. I know decision-making can be an arduous process for you, but Libra, you're creating a blueprint for life in 2019! This once-a-year new moon lands in your 7th house of committed relationships and marriage. Ooh la la. Partnered Libras, prepare yourself for the commitment conversation. Single? Start swiping left, update your dating profile, and ask your friends for introductions. This is no time to be shy. Stay open and ready for romance. On April 20th, Venus, your ruler and grand Empress, enters the 7th house accompanied by Mercury, giving your love life an even stronger boost. It's like a conga line dancing for joy in your partnership house. Such an intense astrological set-up will not happen again for many years; use it now to mingle, meet, mesh, and maybe marry. If you haven't gotten the memo, the universe is giving the Libra sign two full moons this year! April 18th brings the powerful full moon to Libra, energizing your 1st house of self. Prance, charm, beguile; you are simply irresistible. Libras are the most charming sign of the zodiac. Will you please teach me how to flirt? Better yet, I'm going to troll your Instagram page in an attempt to emulate what you do. Mars, the planet of drive, is now in your BFF, Gemini. He activates your 9th house of travel and higher learning. Listen to a new book on tape; take a weekend class; or fly off to another country and explore, maybe with your new lover. Satisfy your wanderlust, desires, and zest for learning all at once! This looks like one very good month, Libra.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)

Self-care is your mantra for the month, Scorpio. You are a control freak, okay? Sometimes you've got to trust and let go; this is the month to do so. Your CEO, Mars, entered Gemini for the first time in 2 years. He is energizing your 8th house of long-term finance, sex, and renewal. Doesn't that sound juicy? Email your financial advisor; learn everything you can about Bitcoin (and then teach me), and start investing! Gemini is all about variety. Luscious Scorpio, even you can spice up your sex life and learn new techniques. Pay a visit to the adult toy store! The astrological new year begins with the new moon in Aries on April 5th. You have a second chance at those New Year's aspirations; this time you've got the cosmos on your side. Go deep and envision your ideal 2019. As the most powerful sign of the zodiac, your intentions are bound to actualize. You may have to wait until mid-October for them to manifest. The theme of April is self-care; Aries' new moon lands in the 6th house, begging you to focus on health, routine, and work. Aries' energy is invigorating and a bit bossy. It wants results ASAP. So, book those doctor appointments, change your diet, shake up your workout routine. ClassPass is a great place to start! Your work also benefits from the infusion of Aries' energy; just be mindful not to order everyone around. Chiron, the little shaman, entered this same sector of your chart last month, where he will stay for the next 8 years. It is time for deep healing Scorpio. I'm talking about the mind-body-spirit connection. Go see a healer; commit to monthly acupuncture; get to a meditation class. Feel the heal. Scorpio, when the days get challenging, get back in bed and practice those new lovemaking techniques. Or implement your new healing tips. Whatever the case, you'll feel so much better.

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)

You've got all the luck this year, Sag. It's springtime and everything is blooming in your chart. Get ready to play! The glorious new moon and astrological New Year team up with your bestie, Aries. Sagittarius, you are the quintessential optimist. Remember those New Year's resolutions? While you believe they can come true, remake them. This time, there are celestial forces lined up in support. Watch for mid-October for them to manifest. The Aries new moon on April 5th infuses new energy into your 5th house of romance, creativity, and fun! You love to take risks in these areas of life. Do it now and reap the benefits. Text that cutie you who caught your eye; go sky diving; hang out with kids and get goofy. We all need joy, find yours and relish in it, Sag! Venus also lands in the 5th house on April 22nd; old lovers may reappear, perhaps it's round 2? Give it a go. The only hiccup happens on April 10-August 11, when your big daddy ruler, Jupiter, goes retrograde for 4 months. Don't freak, you've been riding high since November; it's just a pause. Time to regroup, step back, and access all of the opportunities you've been offered. Mars makes its 2-year debut in Gemini, powering up your 7th house of partnerships and marriage. You could find yourself in a hot love affair or find the lasting "one." Sagittarius, you're prone to commitment phobia! You crave variety in your relationships. Those who are fortunate enough to snag you had better be warned that you need space. You're super magnetic now so be prepared for the attention. Do be mindful of hedonistic tendencies and overindulgence; you may find yourself 10 pounds heavier, thousands of dollars in debt, and with addiction issues. You don't want to end up in rehab, bankrupt, or in meetings for sex gluttons, do you? The shadow side of Jupiter throws all caution to the wind. Heed the warning, Sag!

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19)

How are you holding up, Cap? You've have a line-up of the big-boss planets in your sign for quite a while. I'm sorry... In 2019, you must turn inward and do some serious self-inventory, which is not for the fainthearted. Stay with me... There is a light at the end of this long tunnel. By December, you'll be revamped in the very best ways. This month brings the yearly astrological new year into Aries. It's time to revisit New Year's Eve. Though champagne is optional, I suggest you pop open a bottle; you've earned it. Revise those resolutions; know this time around, you've got the cosmic force beaming down to make your dreams a reality. You are always thinking about your career, Cap. Please do pursue other aspects of life as well, like love, travel, fun? It'll do you good to loosen up for a change. The once-a-year Aries new moon lands in your 4th house, of home, roots, and family. A visit with the folks is a good plan this month; with the holidays approaching, why not invite them over? This way you're still in control over your environment, even if you can't control your parents. Venus and Mercury are going to join this 4th house party; it's an ideal time to entertain, fluff up your home, throw an impromptu party! Mars moves into Gemini, energizing your 6th house of self-care and work. Let's just focus on self-care as you have the work part covered without me, Cap. Mars encourages you to get curious and shake things up. Try out a new fitness trend. Download a bunch of health apps. Chant a new mantra. On April 22nd, the brilliant sun and the rebellious planet Uranus have their yearly meeting in your 5th house, a.k.a. the happy house! This ignites new energy for creativity, love affairs, and joy. And it is where you get your fun on, Cap, finally. Unleash your inner, wild child. Let freedom ring! You'll get a great reprieve from all of the intense inner work you've been doing; with 8 years ahead to enjoy. So, relax, let go, and welcome the renewal of Spring.

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18)

Aquarius, you wonderful weirdo, welcome to Spring! The celestial new year commences with an annual new moon in Aries. Do you recall the resolutions you made this past New Year's or were you too drunk? Well, it doesn't matter. Now is the opportunity to make them again, and the universe totally has your back. Envisioning a direct conduit from the cosmos into your computer, rewrite your 2019 aspirations. Besides all of the tangible things you aim to accomplish, include ways to decompress, tune in, and be still. Aries' energizing new moon falls in your 3rd house of communication, thinking, community, and siblings. Be mindful of your mental noise. Mind over chatter! Aquarius, you're known for thinking outside of the box and having flashes of brilliance. Please share these ideas for positive good. Channel Aries energy into community activism; we certainly need new, progressive thinkers leading the way. Figure out how to file a lawsuit against unnamed political figures. Teach a course on a subject you love. Write an op-ed for the NY Times. Venus and Mercury will be joining this 3rd house gathering, highlighting your social life. Spend time with neighbors; attend parties; make plans with your siblings. If you're single, hang at out the local cafe. You never know who you'll meet. Mars returns after 2 years to liven up your 5th house of love affairs, creativity, and fun. It seems like the perfect time for a bad romance. On April 22nd, your ruler, the rebel Uranus, hooks up with the radiant Sun, activating your 4th house of roots, home, and family. Uranus will be there for the next 8 years, hell bent on shaking up the ground beneath you. Expect movement, sidetracks, and the unknown, dear Aquarius. But with your unique free spirit and love of strange, you will roll with the changes. Happy Spring!!

Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)

Pisces, welcome back from the most confounding Mercury retrograde. I am sure you loved every minute of it, getting inspired and creative, while the rest of us, heads spinning, were dying of uncertainty. This retrograde energy was internal and mystical, not logical or clear. The long-awaited Mueller report was released during this wonky celestial period; so you get what I mean? Now move on to a very happy Spring. It's time to revisit and actualize your intentions from earlier this year. The new moon in Aries, along with the astrological new moon, activates your 2nd house of money, talents, and self-worth. Plant those seeds for abundance on this powerful new moon, and watch money roll in by mid-October. Venus, planet of love and beauty, is lighting up your sign until April 20th. You radiate magnetism and people will be vying to be around you, romantic and platonic. But it's your authentic kindness that proves the ultimate attraction. April 10th is an auspicious date. Venus joins up with Neptune your ruler. Please enter it into your Google calendar right this second. This once-a-year meeting of the most romantic and dreamy planets takes place in your sign, Pisces. The greatest love songs and poems of all time were composed under the same astrological alignment. Tap in and find your own expression of romance. Please don't spend nights sleeping alone in your big bed watching Netflix. You can call in a new romantic partner if single; stimulated by reading iconic books, letters, and poetry on love. Those committed, read or write to each other; just make the most out this incredibly romantic energy. I'd like to be on the receiving end of this magical love fest. Jupiter, your other head honcho, goes retrograde for 4 months. He has been busy expanding your career with all of its different paths.  Now is the ideal time to integrate and find professional solid ground. Cheers, to you, Pisces, as love and clarity reign supreme.


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