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Sugar & Spice: Inside The Gingerbread Bash

Our first annual Gingerbread Bash served sugar, spice and everything nice at The Standard, High Line.
Nothing inspires that festive feeling like a gingerbread house: You've made 'em, you've tasted 'em, but you've never seen houses quite like this before. We teamed up with Family Style magazine to host an evening of cocktails and good cheer with a few of our favorite artists. Editor Jess Hodin Lévy curated the evening of gingerbread creations by artists Luke O'Halloran and Alex Valls on The Standard Plaza. Setting the vibe? The talented Drew Vision on the mic. 

We asked the artists what they'd like to see more of and less of in 2024...

Luke: "Less ugly things and more beautiful things—or in other words, less war, more ceasefire now!"
Alex: "More tree planting and environmental conservation efforts! Less polarization across all media platforms."

Alex's creation was inspired by her family's restaurant and bakery, featuring hamburgers and more food motifs. Luke created an architecturally sound house of cards, inspired by his own artwork exploring playing cards. His house was actioned with proceeds benefitting BOFFO—a nonprofit organization that presents innovative and experimental art and design. Since 2009, their initiatives have included artist residencies, digital commissions and the creation of spaces, experiences and exhibitions. 

Take a peek at our pre-Christmas bash...


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