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GalleristNY Celebrates That Most Intriguing Character, The New York Artist

On a blustery night in Gotham, a prominent crop of artists, gallerists, collectors, and editors (as well as the odd publicist or three) gathered in the Penthouse at The Standard, East Village to celebrate 150 New York artists selected by GalleristNY. For an added dash of occasion, The Observer's must-read art blog toasted their 1.5 year anniversary. And why not.

World's most adorable media mogul, Jared Kushner (left) Ryan McNamara (center) Richard Philips, Zoe Lescaze & Dan Duray (right) All Photos: PMC

Interesting thing about this list of New Yorkers – described as "a snapshot of the New York art scene" – is that the artists aren't all strictly-speaking New Yorkers. This isn't an oversight. In the last century, cities were synonymous with distinctive schools of art. Today, in the modern global Basel-Venice-Miami-London-New York-Paris-LA whirlwind the city is more an association than a style. So what's the common ground for the 150? "Ambition," explains Sarah Douglas, The Observer's Culture Editor.

We asked another Gallerist editor, Andrew Russeth, his thoughts. "Honestly, the view is so amazing up here, I'm speechless."

"It's like being in an airplane," added artist B. Wurtz, describing the twinkling panorama wrapping the crowd.

"The Standard is the perfect venue for this party," Sarah Douglas explained. "Gallerist is a 360 view of the art world and the room is the perfect metaphor."

The list is rolling out over the next few days online and hits newsstands February 25th. Keep an eye out for those pink pages.

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