Time To Assemble: Your February Horoscope

Well, 2021 got off to a weird start, to put it lightly. But fear not, the good witch Lori Bell, our in-house astrologer, is here to help us navigate the month ahead, which, yes, includes a Mercury retrograde. But it also brings a rare alignment of planets which calls on each of us to be a rebel and a genius, to think outside the box, and aim high to evolve humanity for the common good. You down? Good. Let's go.
January was the longest year of the month. No, that's not a typo. Who would have thought an attempted coup would have occurred in our lifetime? Add to that dangerously demented conspiracy theorists (see: Jewish wildfire igniting laser beams), and well, 2021 is starting off as strange times indeed. But it’s not all a tragi-comic horror show! 2021 began on January 20, when the Sun entered Aquarius, and the new administration entered the White House. Progress has begun!

February is a pivotal month in 2021. There is a rare alignment of planets, six to be exact, gathered together in the progressive sign of Aquarius, referred to as "an assembly" in traditional astrology. The last time this occurred in Aquarius was 1962, right when the seminal sixties cultural revolution kicked off along with the still ongoing Civil Rights movement. Aquarius is the sign of the humanitarian, the rebel, the genius, who thinks outside the box, with the highest aim being to evolve humanity for the common good.

As we enter a new era, we can expect more uprising against injustice, systemic racism, inequality, and climate change. Aquarius ideals will be prominent for the next few years as we move toward a more inclusive and kinder world. The new moon on the 11th is one of the most positive alignments all year. Venus and Jupiter are conjunct, and Mercury will be in retrograde in Aquarius for the first time since 2015, and last until February 21st. No need to freak out, though, because it is a reflective time to review our beliefs on conflict, justice, and love. 

The other significant celestial alignment arrives on February 17, when Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus square off, which happens three times this year. Saturn represents the past, including antiquated structures, systems, hard work, and constraints, while Uranus is the future. While Saturn clings to the past, Uranian energy propels us forward. These can be unpredictable, disruptive, and abrupt energies, but progressive change has never been smooth. Uranus in Taurus presents prominent themes of reinventing our relationships to the economy, food, and environmentalism. 

We already got a glimpse of rebellion in the stock market with GameStop. The times they are a-changin' (again), for better or for worse. But we won’t harp on the worst part because there is much good to come. Cheers to positive change!
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Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)

February is a month of wondrous possibilities, Aries! The assembly of planets in Aquarius will gather in your house of friends, social networks, benefactors, and those who support you in various ways. It will also amplify technology, aspirations, and your visions for the future.  Your values and priorities are shifting; some of your friendships may no longer reflect your new vision. Both Jupiter and Saturn are holding court there for most of the year, imploring you to question your friendships and what you value most. Mercury and Venus will join in on February 1st. Mercury is retrograde until the 21st, so make sure to backup all your technology as Aquarius rules it. The deeper meaning of this retrograde is to review your friendship, your romantic relationships and your sense of justice. How are you communicating? With what groups do you align yourself? The old adage, "You are the company you keep,” may hold deeper meaning for you this year, Aries. You may feel the urge to take your interests, gifts, or skills into a larger world.  Venus, the planet of love, attraction, and beauty, merges with the expansive planet Jupiter; you will have the desire to cultivate new friendships with increased abundance in your networks. Aquarius rules the internet, the ideal vehicle with which to expand your presence in a meaningful way. The new moon in Aquarius arrives on the 11th, joining the 11th house of gathering.  Please do plant those positive seeds of intention. Aries, who do you want in your world? What do you want to do? The rebel Uranus rules this area of your life; please question the rules, particularly your own, and ask yourself, where are you resistant to change?  Investigate what holds you back from your dreams. You've got the support from the universe this month; take that chance—you may meet a friend who will change your world in a moment. Enjoy every moment of the month, Aries.

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)

Taurus, February will have its special moments.  Mars is in your sign all month, giving you an infusion of energy, drive, and fierce determination. You may feel impatient this month, as things may not move as quickly as you wish. Taurus, you are known for your calm and patience, but you'll have to dig deep to keep that Zen vibe.  The square between the controlling Saturn and rebel Uranus occurs on the 17th; you will feel this tense energy all month long. Taurus, this pivotal alignment is demanding you to break out of your comfort zone; these planets activate your self-identity and career. The rare assembly of planets in Aquarius remains active your 10th house of career.  This brilliant infusion of Aquarian energy gifts with innovative ideas, technology, and human potential. As we move into a new era, your noblest contribution to the world is deeper humanity. It can be as simple as being kinder and more inclusive, or as grand as winning a Nobel Peace Prize.  Mercury is there in retrograde until the 21st. You may have to work through communication challenges in your career and public roles.  Venus, your ruler, enters Aquarius on the 2nd, joining the party. The new moon in Aquarius arrives on the 11th; this is a very positive and powerful lunation, seeding a new beginning. Taurus, which role will you play in shaping our new era? Venus and Jupiter join together on the new moon, gracing us with love and abundance. Taurus, get to work and make this world a better place!

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

February is a pivotal month, Gemini. Mercury in Aquarius will be in retrograde until the 21st. Mercury is your ruler; you've got ownership of these retrograde cycles since they affect you the most. Aquarius is a fellow air sign; it is about new, inspired, and high-level thinking. Time to review your communication methods regarding your beliefs, education, and world views. Be mindful of dogmatic or rigid thinking. With all these wacky conspiracy theories and divided ideas, be sure to investigate what is true versus what is patently false. Gemini, you are a seeker of truth and knowledge; you may be just the one to guide others towards truth. The six planets in Aquarius land in your 9th house of wisdom, spirituality, and that quest for more meaning in your life. Dreams and aspirations, ideas, learning, travel, international connections, and expanding your world view all come into prominence. These themes are pervasive all year, asking you to question your beliefs and your desire to find a deeper meaning in life beyond the mundane. A very potent new moon in Aquarius arrives on the 11th.  Jupiter and Venus will conjunct at the new moon, gifting you with happiness and abundance. Gemini, plant your seeds of intention on this powerful lunation to increase your personal growth and higher understanding. Doors of opportunity for travel and meeting new people from different cultures and ideas will allow you to expand your worlds. Hopefully you'll be able to use your passport once again in the nearish future. The ongoing tension through the month, which comes to a head on the 17th, is the Saturn square to Uranus. Gemini, as you go on your vision quest to find a deeper meaning in your life, you'll need to spend time alone, with Mercury underground. You may actually enjoy this retrograde cycle, so prepare to pivot!

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Cancer, dive into the deep end!  The rare celestial alignment of six planets in the progressive sign of Aquarius arrives in your 8th house of personal transformation, shared resources, and intimacy.  Mercury, the planet of communication, is in Aquarius and retrograde until the 21st. Cancer, time to take stock and reevaluate your intimate relationships, shared resources, and money. Fortunately, in Aquarius, Mercury is rational and non-emotional, making communication less reactive. It is a reflective time to reevaluate, research, and strategize. A rare lineup of six planets in the rebel sign of Aquarius culminates on the 11th, with the new moon's arrival, ushering in the new era of Aquarian energy.  Aquarius is the sign of self-authenticity; this powerful alignment asks you to rid yourself of fears and limitations, inviting in fresh energy with an abundance of possibilities.   Venus and Jupiter joined together on the new moon, creating an infusion of love, abundance, and success. The potential for deepening your intimate relationships and collaborations can happen. Be open to new opportunities for creating a new business and financial gain. The ongoing tension you will feel all month, culminating on the 17th, is the square between controlling Saturn and freedom-loving Uranus. You will be pulled between your intimate relationships to your social network, friends, and the ones who break from tradition and push you out of your inner shell. You will desire to be free from restraints and intimate relationships which feel controlling. Find your tribe, Cancer, choose who is worthy of being part of your journey    

Leo (July 23-Aug 22)

Leo, relationships rule this month! February is one of the most significant months of 2021, ripe with two major celestial events. A rare assembly of six planets in the sign of Aquarius, the last time this occurred was in February 1962, the catalyst to the grooviest cultural revolution of the 20th century. Aquarius is the humanitarian rebel who thinks outside of the box, with the highest aim of advancing human potential.  Leo, this rare alignment activates your house of committed relationships and business partnerships. Mercury is in Aquarius and is retrograde until the 21st; time to deal with unexpressed thoughts and issues that need attention. Mercury retrogrades are introspective times; work on your communication skills.  One of the most significant new moons of the year arrives on Feb 11th in Aquarius; the heavy emphasis on Aquarian energy will be powerful over the coming years.  Venus and Jupiter join together on the new moon, gracing you with love, and abundance. A new perceptive is seeded here. It is an opportunity to review your relationships; are they authentic and meaningful to you?  Aquarian energy always encourages us to look beyond our own needs for the greater good. How can joining forces benefit both the two of you and the world at large?  For those who are single, 2021 is the year of opportunity to find love.  The other major event is the square between controlling Saturn and rebel Uranus, during which time you may feel uncomfortably torn between your career and personal demands. Your priority is finding the balance between the two and having a partner who is supportive of your career demands. Uranus has been activating your professional house since last year.  Uranus liberates you from constraints, the urge for freedom, innovation, and new energy in your career. Welcome your internal career rebellion; take a risk to do what you've dreamed of doing. Take the initiative in your career, love deeply, and ask yourself what you will contribute to making our world more inclusive, kinder, and compassionate. Oh, and thanks!

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22)

Virgo, you are officially back in your hyper-productive mode. The pandemic has taken its toll even on you, dear Virgo. According to the New York Times article, "Stop Trying to Be Productive," staying inside and attending to basic needs is plenty. But now, February is igniting you back full-on into work, self-care, and organizing. Mercury, your CEO, will be retrograde in Aquarius until the 21st. Virgo, view these three weeks as an opportunity to ease back into productive mode. Be mindful of how you communicate with work colleagues and employees—question how you can enhance your communication skills.   A rare celestial event occurs this month with a lineup of planets in the rebel sign of Aquarius. The significant new moon arrives in Aquarius on February 11th, ushering in humanity's new era. Venus and Jupiter align on the new moon, infusing you with expansive, positive, and harmonious energy. New moons are new beginnings; plant your seeds of intention on this magical new moon. Aquarius is the humanitarian, with its noblest aim being to help society evolve. The Aquarius energy activates your 6th house of work, health, beloved pets, and daily life.  Aquarius is progressive, innovative, and inventive. Virgo, no doubt your list on how your work can implement new procedures and policies is filled with brilliant ideas.  When it comes to the latest health apps, medical innovations, diets, and anything to do with wellness, you're the go-to in-the-know source of inspiration.  The major celestial event on February 17th is the square between controlling, restrictive Saturn, to rebellious, innovative Uranus. Uranus is a great awakener, guiding you toward different universes, literally activating your 9th house of spirituality, learning, wisdom, traveling, and mind expansion. Take that trip that will feed your head once it is safe to do so. Virgo, you'll need more freedom in your work and the daily grind to pursue other callings. You set the bar high and your noblest quality is helping others. As we move into the new era with the goal of a kinder, gentler, and more inclusive world, it’s your turn to lead the way with your humble kindness and incredible organizing skills. We’ll be right behind you!

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22)

It’s time to reclaim your joy, Libra! You are not overly sensitive; you just don’t tolerate injustice. The horrors we have all witnessed in 2020 and three weeks ago do take a toll on our psyches.  A rare celestial event is the lineup of six planets in the progressive sign of Aquarius. Venus, the planet of love, the arts, and beauty, is your ruler, and enters Aquarius on the 2nd. She joins Mercury, who is in retrograde until the 21st.  The potent new moon in Aquarius arrives on the 11th. Venus will join up with Jupiter on the new moon, gracing you with an abundance of love, joy, and creative self-expression. The new moon is a new beginning; this lunation is a harbinger of harmony as you ease into this new Aquarian era. The infusion of Aquarian energy activates your 5th house of joy, romance, self-expression, creativity, and kids. Aquarius wants you to break free from old fears and habits which no longer satisfy you—time to spark that elusive joy. Seize upon these new opportunities for creative projects, romance, or finding that one thing that truly brings you your joy. The underlying tension pervasive all month is the square of structural Saturn to rebellious Uranus. Saturn represents the past, Uranus the future. Your collaborations, resources, relationships, creativity, and self-expression need to become integrated into what will become a creative restructuring of your life. Squares create tension; tension gets you moving. Uranus is where you are headed—a place where you need to break free and take a risk. He is mining the 8th house of money, sexuality, intimacy, and personal transformation—wow! While igniting your joy and diving deep into personal transformation, Libra, aspire to a better world. Libra, you are the sign of justice; use your even temperament and graciousness to make this world a more inclusive, kinder society. We’ll forever be in your debt!

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)

Scorpio, like the past 11 months, you're going to be hanging home this month. A rare lineup of six planets joins together in the progressive sign of Aquarius.  The powerful new moon in Aquarius arrives on February 11th along with Venus and Jupiter, infusing an abundance of love and success into the mix. New moons are new beginnings, so set those intentions, Scorpio.  You’ll have help thanks to Aquarius, the progressive sign of personal freedom, innovation, authenticity, and a strong sense of purpose. The new moon will be activating your home life, family, and framily.  Home is your inner sanctuary, so prioritize building one that lets you feel freer, less restrictive, balanced, and relaxed. Changes in residence, purchasing, selling, or renovating your home are all excellent possibilities. You may choose to live a simpler life, communally with your family of choice, or even in a tiny house. Create the home and life that makes you shine. Mercury will be in retrograde in Aquarius until the 21st. Be aware of how you communicate in family dynamics and home life—a tricky issue for most of us. Mercury retrograde is a reflective time; it is best to think things through before going full-on Scorpio towards your loved ones. The underlying tension that can be felt the entire month comes to a head-on on February 17th between Saturn, who is about structures and the past, and future forward Uranus, the great awakener breaking us out of stagnation.  Uranus has been holding court in your committed relationships since March of 2019, but you’ll need to take risks in committed relationships business partnerships or both. Spice up existing relationships.  Scorpio, start integrating your home life and your committed partnerships so they don't feel stale, restrictive, or boring. Use this energy to your benefit and shake things up. As we enter into a new era aspiring to a more inclusive, just, and caring world, your fierce, passionate Scorpio energy will lead the way. That energy is already palpable, so run with it!

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)

Sagittarius, pace yourself; February is an active month.  A rare lineup of planets converging in Aquarius will activate your 3rd house of communication all month long. Mercury in Aquarius will be retrograde until the 21st, so back up all your electronics and triple check messages, texts, and emails before hitting send. Please limit your screen time and manage your texts, DMs, and multitasking. It is critical to set boundaries this month.  Slow down, learn to meditate, and find ways to quiet your mind. A powerful new moon arrives in the progressive sign of Aquarius on February 11th, signaling new beginnings. Venus and Jupiter join this lunation, seeding the potential of hope, abundance, and love. Set your intentions on the new moon.   Aquarius stands for personal freedom, innovation, authenticity, and a strong sense of conviction. Sag, the emphasis is on your house of communication, learning, your attitude, neighborhood, and siblings.  Share your wisdom, write, publish, and chat with your neighbors. February 17th brings the square between restrictive, structured Saturn to rebel genius, Uranus. Uranus has been stirring up your work and self-care areas since March of 2019. Sag, how you manage your work, self-care, and daily routine must be prioritized.  Those to-do lists have to be edited. Do not over-commit. Uranus has been on a campaign to reform your professional goals for some time and wants to free you from a stagnant job. You may have the urge for independence, self-employment, or continue to work remotely. You've got so many brilliant, innovative ideas that you can use in your work, and the possibilities are limitless. Sag, get some structure, write it down, and find ways to integrate said structure into your daily routine and self-care. It will benefit all of us!

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19)

Time to invest in yourself, Capricorn! A rare lineup of planets in the sign of Aquarius will be circulating through your prosperous second house of money, talents, and self-worth all month. Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius until the 21st; use this energy to revise your finances and budget. Think about your worth and what you charge for your work and time. On February 11th, a significant new moon arrives in Aquarius, the progressive sign of personal freedom, innovation, and brilliant ideas; joining the lunation are Venus and Jupiter, gracing us with abundance and success. Instilled with the hope of new beginnings, please plant your seeds of intention on this auspicious lunation.  Cap, what hidden talents or passion did you discover during quarantine? You are motivated to reevaluate your abilities, skills, relationship to money, and that which you value. The new moon is planting the seed for new opportunities to showcase your talents or innovative ways to be productive in your finances. Think outside the box, Capricorn! The underlying tension is the square with structured Saturn and the rebel Uranus, representing the conflict between old and new. Uranus represents the future, from where you’ll need to break free of limitations and take a risk; Saturn reps structure and the past. Finding an outlet to integrating these conflicting energies as you move into a new era will be a priority. Uranus has been mining your 5th house of creativity, joy, play, and romance. To fully capitalize on these energies, you have to sit down and think about ways to profit from your talents. Use those creative juices to find new channels for making money, but be innovative—come up with a billion-dollar game you can sell that has nothing to do with short stocking GameStop. Cap, you've got to play and create more room for expansion and joy. The skies are almost begging you to do so and so are we.

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18)

Happy Birthday Aquarius! February is an epic month. As a birthday gift, prioritize yourself for a change without compromising or sacrificing. There is a rare celestial alignment with six planets converging in Aquarius, which last occurred in February 1962. Like in the Sixties’ classic "Hair," Aquarius stands for personal freedom, innovation, authenticity, and humanity. Mercury is retrograde in your sign until the 21st ushering in time for self-reflection. The new moon in Aquarius arrives on the 11th, gifting you the most potent lunation of the year. Venus and Jupiter conjunct on the new moon, infusing it with love and abundance. This lunation represents the future, one of hope for humanity, so plant your seeds of intention, Aquarius. Time for a reinvention of who you genuinely want to be and how you can help others in the process. It is filled with the promise of your renewal and freedom.  Now is the time to let loose and be your genuine, weird, wonderful, authentic self. The underlying tension all month comes to a head on February 17th, with the theme of freedom and breaking free from the old, the catalyst being the Saturn/Uranus square. Squares create tension, yet they also propel us to take action. Uranian energy breaks you out of stagnation.  Uranus has been holding court in your 4th house of home and family since 2019. Now, Aquarius, you may see some mini-earthquakes in these relationships. Family dynamics can shift, freeing you from outlived patterns. You may move, live on a commune, become a nomad—the possibilities are vast. All you have to do is take a chance. Aquarius, cheers to an outstanding birthday and, yep, the dawning of the age of, well, you know.

Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)

Pisces, ready for a month of magic? February has a rare lineup of six planets in Aquarius, holding court in your 12th house of healing, inspiration, mysticism, and retreat. This is where you find your mojo; it is your natural home, where you land for inspiration. Mercury will be in retrograde until February 21st and you'll be living in nonlinear time, so go easy on yourself. Imagine, dream, and invite the magical world back in. The auspicious new moon in Aquarius joined by loving Venus and expansive Jupiter arrives on February 11th, inviting a surge of optimism, harmony, and receptiveness. The lunation represents the future; Aquarian energy will be powerful over the coming years. Do plant your seeds of intention. What do you need to release to free yourself of fears holding you back from connection to your creative or spiritual side? Where can you bring more love, art, and compassion to the universe, Pisces? While you are deep in thought, the universe has a few challenges you must face, the most significant one on February 17th being Saturn and Uranus square. Saturn is structure, Uranus is the great awakener—this diametric duo represents the past and the future.  In Taurus, Uranus had been in your intellectual and social 3rd house since 2019. Uranus, a planet of positive upheaval, is lighting up your brain and overhauling mental processes. Your mind is restless, ready to learn, and to process information differently. You'll be able to think faster and more intuitively. You feel the tension between living in two worlds, from left-brain activities and those eternal right brain realms. While dwelling in the 12th house, you must clean up unresolved issues from the past and clear out the psychic debris. The more you clear the way, the more focused creativity will emerge—record those flashes of genius on your cell! You never know what will transpire and what may result in the end. Pisces, say abracadabra to a magical and inspiring month.


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