London with Lourdes 'Lola' Leon

Born a New York native, the multi-hyphenate singer, model, and fashion icon Lourdes Leon is the quintessential new generation "it girl." Lourdes was immersed in the world of music from an early age, and since then has carved her own path in the entertainment and fashion industries. This weekend, we stepped into the musical underworld of 'Lolahol', where Lourdes' performance in Sweeties delivered a lucid dream of breakbeats, jazz, vintage trip-hop, and hazy, layered R&B. 

We chatted with Lourdes before Lolahol to discuss London's influence on her life and work, how she kills time in between her busy schedule of performances and travels, and the ongoing debate of diamonds vs. pearls. 

Read our conversation and check out the party pics. 

What is your first memory of London?

My first memory here was good music on the radio. I think there's a greater appreciation for good music here. For example, everyone’s obsessed with "Murder on the Dancefloor" now, but I remember hearing that song when I was eight and it was constantly on the radio. There was also a lot of really good R&B being played, lots of Chaka Khan and Soul music. 

You have 2 hours free in London, how do you spend them? 

All of it in Selfridges. I’ve never been to a place with such a melting pot of different kinds of people and types of clothes. 

And now onto NYC…who do you call there when you want to have some fun, and blow off some steam? 

All my friends are fun! I love my community; the music community. Everyone there is fun, down for anything, funny, hilarious, loud. Everyone wants to be the funniest, everyone wants to be the one with a bad or even worse story. So it's never really a dull moment. 

Always hair essentials, as long as I have my hair right I feel like I can wear anything. If the hair’s good I’m good. 

Who is your dream creative collaborator? 

Tricky, and anyone from the Massive Attack collective, they are one of my long-time inspirations. 

You’re playing Parklife and Primavera festivals this summer, what are your travel essentials?

As many pairs of sneakers that I can fit in my suitcase. Sweatpants, hoodies anything comfortable really. Always hair essentials, as long as I have my hair right I feel like I can wear anything. 

If the hair’s good I’m good. 

Leather or lace?


Diamonds or pearls? 

Definitely diamonds. 


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