Cashless, Costumed, And Charitable

Glitzy galas and expensive benefit dinners were exactly what Rocco Gardner set out to avoid when creating Escape for Good, a charity race now in its third year. Forgoing large production budgets allows for more money to be delivered to charities and frankly... who wants to get dressed in tux and tails to go Uptown for yet another dinner?

This year's race will start in New Orleans and end in Detroit, with only 36 hours to get there, and no cash or credit cards, contestants must depend on their social media networks for assistance. Two-person teams, dressed in superhero costumes, will fight to rack up the most Escape Miles: a combination of distance, mode of transportation (the greener the better), and a treasure hunt along the way. The winners will receive a bonus prize for their charity, $20,000 for first place and $5,000 for second place. Follow @escape to be a part of the race.

For more information or to donate to a team visit Crowdrise.

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