Care for Something to Read While You Wait for the G Train?

If Williamsburg is New York's creative heart, and the L and G trains are its primary arteries, then the Metropolitan Stop where the two lines intersect would be ... its aorta? Terrible simile aside, it's a well-trafficked stop and the perfect place for creative agency ALLDAYEVERYDAY and 'zine specialist 8-Ball to join forces once again to create The Newsstand. For one month only, an indie and international magazine shop will take over the Metro newsstand, bringing a bounty of niche pubs even further underground. Curated by Lele Saveri of 8-Ball, the shop will feature publishers like Dashwood Books, McNally Jackson, and Toilet Paper magazine. Long live the printed word, and may the L train be running when you need it.

June 15th - July 20th
Weekdays from 9am-8pm
Weekends from 12pm-5pm

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