Your August Horoscope

Welcome August as the month of compromise. Despite differences, we have an opportunity to come together as we continue to face busy skies and universal challenges. August offers a much-needed respite from the tumultuous July. A new moon in Leo shines its signature warmth and love, fitting for this last month of Summer. Jupiter retrograde returns to Aquarius and stays until December. Though more calculated and cooler than sunny Leo, Aquarius highlights scientific innovations, new technologies, and conflict resolutions. This retrograde invites us to clean up unfinished business from Jupiter's last stay in Aquarius, December to May 2021. A new administration took office in the US, important verdicts were reached, vaccinations proliferated, and people returned to a semblance of normalcy. Now we have the Delta variant spiraling out of control along with the breakthrough of new infections and the possibility of more divisions. No… If we gleaned any wisdom from the Pandemic, it is how interconnected we all are to each other. One's actions immediately affect another, and we need connection now more than ever. Aquarius is the sign of brilliance and humanity. Mutual respect and collective responsibility are its calling cards. This unique combination of Leo's warm love with Aquarius' novel brilliance helps bind us as humans to weather what's happening in the crazy world around us.  "Love is the very foundation, beauty, and fulfillment of life. If we dive deep enough into ourselves, we wil find that the one thread of universal love ties all beings together. As this awareness dawns within us, peace alone wil reign," said Hindu spiritual leader Mata Amritanandamayi, better known as Amma. We're with Amma, and we're taking a deep dive this month. Come on in; the water's warm. 

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Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)

Enjoy what’s left of the lazy days of summer, Aries, because you’re about to kick back into high gear. August starts with Jupiter retrograding back into Aquarius till October 18. Think back to January through mid-May; what had you initiated? Whatever it was, it wasn’t finished, and now’s the time to refocus and get back to it! Your 11th house of friends, collective groups, social networks and your tribe is activated. Taskmaster Saturn has been holding court there since late December. Jupiter rejoins Saturn in a duet that’s long term and made to last. Those who feel stuck, stagnant, and not open to change will no longer hold your interest. Your friendships, social circles, and what you value most are in question. Maybe it's time to break free from those with whom you no longer align, making room for a new expanded social circle that expands your worldview and, most importantly, awakens you, igniting a desire to contribute something to the world. Please get back to it! Mars, your North Star, is in fastidious Virgo until September 15. In Virgo, he is strategic, cerebral; he is the red pen that editors use. Slow down, Aries, and pay attention to the details. Your health and well-being, self-care, exercise, work, and service are energized.  Every two years, Mars gives you a restart and boost where he lands. Implement a new exercise program, self-care routine, or organize your work environment. Then, research, plan, and execute! You've got six weeks; think of all you can accomplish. Mars in Virgo is cool, calm, and grounded; this energy is foreign to you. A new moon in Leo at 16 degrees arrives on August 8. What happened to fun, Aires? This lunation demands you to do what makes you happy, be creative, play, have a romance, hang with kids. After a year and a half of pandemic gloom, political insanity, and social unrest, the list is endless. Indulge, celebrate life and your energetic return to it, Aries!

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)

Forget that ‘What I Did On My Summer Vacation’ essay, Taurus, and look to the future. August kicks off with Jupiter, travelling back into Aquarius until the end of the year. It is reigniting the Jupiter /Saturn conjunction from January to mid-May, signaling a significant shift to refocus on your career. Think long-term impact or long-lasting changes because this is your big plan. Go all-in on a goal or project you start at this time, but be clear with your purpose. Ensure you have the support, community, and connections to help you achieve your goals. You’ve got until the end of December to complete it. Then, as per Nike, just do it! Mars is in meticulous Virgo for six weeks, activating your house of creativity, pleasure, and romance. Mars here is strategic, taking action, supporting and helping others. Its purpose is to plan, analyze, refine, and improve. What creative project do you want to plan? Or maybe it’s a romance or a particular pleasure? Mars in Virgo makes plans and Taurus indulges. This is good stuff, enjoy! Virgo is a fellow earth sign; the energy is grounded, calm, and eases the cosmic pressure of the last two months. A new moon in Leo at 16 degrees arrives on August 8, asking you what makes you happy? After living in a twilight zone for a year and a half, it is a valid question. This lunation is activating your deeply personal 4th house of home and family. Taurus, you are a homebody; living in beauty soothes your soul. Listen to music while lounging on your sofa, ponder what brings you happiness, realize happiness comes from within, but being cozy adds to it. Venus, your Goddess ruler, enters Libra on August 16, highlighting your work, self-care, and health. She enhances harmonious work collaborations and relationships. Balancing your work and self-care are prioritized; Venus in Libra is also about beauty, looking good, and feeling centered. Uranus, the rebellious planet that breaks you out of complacency by urging you to take a risk, goes retrograde in August; Uranus has been in Taurus since 2018. Taurus, you are one of the most resistant signs of the zodiac. However, if you’re open and willing to take on change, this could be a fabulous time for you. Be mindful of stubborn behaviors and negative patterns; Uranus is gifting you the chance to release them.You got this, Taurus. Use that Taurean resistance to fight the desire to fight what your future has in store for you!

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Express yourself, Gemini! August begins with wise and expansive Jupiter traveling back into Aquarius until the end of the year. Then he'll rejoin structured Saturn, whisking you back to January through mid May of this year. Finally, after a tumultuous year and a half, you are poised to reevaluate what is meaningful and holds deep value for you. Jupiter is wisdom, while Saturn offers structure, knowledge, learning, and viewing life differently. Study with sage teachers, gurus, philosophers, and those steeped in tradition, not new-age influencers. Travel, study, and pursue wisdom that will have lasting, positive effects on your life. Mars, the planet of action, will be in fastidious Virgo for six weeks, keeping you busy at home. Mars is strategic and cerebral and plans every detail. Once every two years he returns to the same place, giving you a restart, a boost; think of this as a summer cleanse, Virgo-style, through the eyes of a meticulous perfectionist with exceptional attention to detail. That means it’s time to  declutter, organize, repair, or paint, giving your home a much-needed health inspection. A new moon in Leo at 16 degrees arrives on August 8 in your house of communication, attitude, and neighborhood. This lunation is demanding you to find your happiness; what or whom do you love? Express yourself through connecting, sharing your brilliant ideas, or disseminating information, which you do with intelligence, wit, and charm. We all need some Gemini wit and lively banter. Mercury, your big boss, enters his ruler, Virgo, on August 11, joining Mars in your 4th house of home. Mercury in Virgo is all about the details; he edits, analyzes, and perfects. It can get a little tricky; Virgo can overthink, overanalyze, and get stuck in the minutiae. Try to keep it lively, Gemini. Venus, the planet of love, enters her ruler, Libra, on August 16, igniting your creativity,  joy, and inner kid. Beauty, the arts, relationships get an infusion of Venusian harmony. Relish in these last weeks of August and cheers to fun, love, and finding your inner Buddha.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Cancer, enjoy the gentler vibe that August offers. The month kicks off with Jupiter traveling back into Aquarius until the end of the year. Think back to January through mid-May; wise Jupiter will be reactivating what you initiated then. He rejoins structured Saturn in your 8th house of intimate relationships, shared resources, and personal transformation. Back to the juicy issues, dive into the deep end because you have the rare opportunity to make lasting changes and accomplish long-term goals. Whether it’s personal finances, intimate relationships, or inner work, you've got five months, so do it! Mars will be in detailed Virgo for six weeks. In Virgo, he analyzes, plans, overthinks and can get paralyzed with too many details, ultimately taking no action. Your 3rd house of attitude, communication skills, and learning will be enhanced with this magnetic Mars energy. Meditate, calm the mental chatter, use your analytical skills and knowledge to set those ideas into motion. A new moon in Leo at 16 degrees arrives on August 16, landing in your 2nd house of money, values, and skills. Cancer, think big, stand in your self-confidence and extend it to all areas of your life. Most importantly, value yourself and your talents. Be bold, start that business, increase your fees, step into your self-worth. Break out of any limiting beliefs that have imprisoned your ideas. Find your happiness in the process. The second full moon in Aquarius at 29 degrees arrives on August 22 activates your 8th house, intimacy, money, and transformation. The universe is calling you to spend time here. Full moons are releasing, culminations, and endings. Cancer: what can you afford to lose? Perhaps you’ll drop a partnership or collaboration, making room for something new? You've been refining this house all year; happily let go of what no longer serves you. Cheers to transformation, self-value, and a calm mind!

Leo (July 23-Aug 22)

Happy Birthday, Leo! Everyone loves Leo season. Jupiter moves back into Aquarius until the end of the year. Rewind to January through mid-May when Saturn and Jupiter held court in your 7th house of personal and professional relationships. Jupiter rejoins Saturn to refocus your attention on your relationships. Leo, think long-term solid partnerships that are authentic and soul-satisfying. Can they grow and evolve as you enter into a new era? Jupiter eases the harshness of Saturn; relationships need to be tended to, and they take work. Leo, you need spaciousness within your partnerships. Listen to some of Belgian psychotherapist Esther Perel's podcasts; she is the relationship guru. Examine the issues that plague you and release those old behaviors that sabotage your relationships. You've got five months to work on this; it is your birthday gift to yourself. Leo, you need to love and be loved; sort this out. Your yearly new moon in Leo at 16 degrees arrives on August 8, so prepare to celebrate! The Sun, your ruler, is shining on you; how do you wish to be seen? Shine your bright light out into the world, throw that birthday celebration, share your joy, and spread some happiness! Uranus, the rebellious planet, turns retrograde on August 19. He has been stirring up your 10th house of career since 2018, instigating you to be innovative, think out of the box, and take bold risks, breaking up any resistance to change. You are not too keen on change unless you instigate it. It'll be vital that you listen to others during this retrograde, and you're likely to learn something if you do. You're used to having all eyes on your fabulous self, but being in the spotlight won't feel so great when you're in the middle of doing damage control. So heed the advice of others right now, and allow your practical side to shine as brightly as you do. A full moon in Aquarius at 29 degrees arrives on August 22, activating your 7th house of partnerships. Compromise or let go of relationships that are no longer working, either personal or professional. Full moons are endings, but they don’t all have to be partnerships; let go of antiquated behaviors, too, Leo. You’re too young for them! Celebrate another revolution ‘round the Sun; it’s revolutionary and revelatory as life is both precious and impermanent.

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22)

Virgo, consider all of August your season, just don't tell Leo. August begins with Venus and Mars in your sign, with Mercury joining in shortly thereafter. You are the star this month. Jupiter travels back into Aquarius until the end of the year, so take a mental trip back to January through mid May; you've got some unfinished business to complete. Wise Jupiter rejoins efficient Saturn in your 6th house of self-care, work, and daily routine. Virgo, you're a workhorse, and you do not stop until you achieve that elusive perfection. But give it up, please. You've got to overhaul your approach to your work, health, and daily routine. Set boundaries; being productive and helpful is your essence, but not when it becomes detrimental to your wellbeing. Find community, connections and innovative, unique people who think outside of the box. Focus on a goal or a personal project and commit to it. Think long term, lasting and healing. Mars, the planet of action, is in your sign for six glorious weeks. Mars energizes, leaving you feeling empowered and strong. He comes around every two years to give you a boost and a reboot. Mars in your sign is the planner, researcher and cerebral analyzer, so be mindful not to get stuck in overthinking that can lead to inaction. You can accomplish so much more now, start a new project and attend to your physical wellbeing. Do what makes you feel good. The new moon in Leo at 16 degrees arrives on August 8, inviting you to turn inward and find your happiness through nature, being still and spending time alone. Virgo, you've got a sensitive nervous system; give yourself time to rest, replenish, and spend a long weekend in nature. Your ruler, Mercury, enters your sign, where, as an early birthday gift, he reigns from August 11-August 30. Positive thinking is essential, so drop the worry and excessive analyzing; your thoughts are powerful. Your communication skills and analytical skills are razor sharp. The bonus: people show up on time, use correct grammar, communication is seamless, and deadlines are met. Uranus, the great awakener, turns retrograde on August 19. He has been guiding you toward different universes, literally activating your 9th house of spirituality, learning, wisdom, traveling, and mind expansion. Revisit these themes. Be open and receptive to where the universe will guide you. This is your season, Virgo, we just live in it.

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22)

Socialize, Libra, it feeds your soul. Jupiter, the planet of wisdom, travels back into Aquarius until the end of the year. You’ll need to reflect back on January through mid May and what you were working on then. To do so, you must turn your attention around to refocus. Jupiter will be rejoining structured Saturn, where they have been holding court in your 5th house of creativity, joy, and romance; sounds dreamy, yet with Saturn there, you've got a taskmaster demanding you to get things accomplished, be disciplined, stoic, and hardworking. Jupiter eases Saturn's edge and gives you luck; Libra, think long-term goals, whether it be a creative project, a romance, or raising a child. You'll need community, a purpose, and something you want to do. Dive in, commit and focus; you've got five months to complete it! The new moon in Leo at 16 degrees arrives on August 8, igniting your 11th house of friends, social networks, and your tribe. You are one of the most social signs of the zodiac; you genuinely love your friends. Through these friendships, you find your happiness. Tap into your innate joy, meet new people, expand your tribe, and visit your friends; it has been an especially challenging 15 months for you, as you need to be surrounded by people. Now you can celebrate with those people. You need this! Venus, the goddess, enters your sign on August 16, making you radiate from the inside out. Your charm, kindness, and social skills can melt even the most callous Karen acting out. Libra, you'll be feeling a little extra special; naturally, enjoy every moment. The full moon in Aquarius at 29 degrees arrives on August 22, landing in your 5th house of creativity, romance, and joy. Being that this is the second full moon in Aquarius, your 5th house is getting a lot of attention, in case you didn't get the memo. Aquarius wants you to have community and to find a meaningful purpose; we are all in this together, and you, dear Libra, are all about togetherness. The full moon is culminating with endings making way for new possibilities turning social distance into social bliss.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)

It’s time to shift from your summer slumber into high gear, Scorpio. Jupiter, the planet of expansion and wisdom, twirls around and goes back into Aquarius until the end of the year. What does that mean for you? Think back to January through mid May; you're going back there to refocus. Jupiter will rejoin disciplined Saturn, where he eases the harshness of Saturn's control. Scorpio, as cliche as it sounds, home is where your heart is, a solid foundation where you can express your authentic self. Your home life, family, and those considered family are paramount. There is stuff to deal with, from aging parents to kids or your partner. Your home is intensely personal; it is your inner sanctuary. You are the most private of the signs, however, you can overcontrol and dominate your home life. Focus on finding your ideal living situation, moving, tending to family responsibilities, or healing family dynamics. You'll need community, support, and if you get overwhelmed, call your shrink because you're scary when aggrieved.  You've got five months of Jupiter’s graces, so get moving. Mars, the planet of action and desire, will be in Virgo for six weeks. After 15 long months of weirdness, you are longing to hang with your tribe, to expand your social networks, and meet up in person. Mars in Virgo is the planner; it will fastidiously organize your Google calendar. Group gatherings linked to a cause are those you’ll find worthy of attending or joining. The new moon in Leo at 16 degrees arrives on August 8, shining a light on your career.When you are recognized and elevated to your deserved throne within your professional world, your inner lion purrs with pride. But, Scorpio, you have to love what you do or at least be passionate about it. This lunation brings new opportunities, new beginnings, or promotions. But before you commit, ask yourself: does the work fulfill you? Does it ignite your passion? Uranus, the rebel planet, turns retrograde on August 19; he has been stirring up your 7th house of personal and professional relationships since 2018; you are getting used to this energy. Uranus breaks you out of stagnation, it keeps things dynamic and fresh, yet it can be harsh if you are too resistant to change. So, Scorpio, take an honest look at where you hold on too tight and are less inclined to be flexible. Lesson up grip, you'll feel a lot airier and accomplished.

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)

Aim for success this August! Jupiter, your wise ruler, travels back into Aquarius until the end of the year. You've got some unfinished business to attend to as Jupiter will rejoin structured Saturn in your 3rd house of communication, learning, and community. You'll be on overload with innovative ideas, flashes of brilliance, and, yep, a racing mind. So, Sag, learn to meditate or find ways to quiet your mind so you can sift through your thoughts. Jupiter eases the harshness of Saturn, gracing you the opportunity to refocus on a project or goal that’s long-term, lasting, and meaningful. You’ve got to commit, dive in, and complete it at the end of the year. You are filled with brilliant ideas, which can translate into a book, podcasts, teaching, or helping your community; the list is endless. Please stay focused and just do it! Mars, the planet of action, will be in meticulous Virgo for six weeks, activating your 10th house of career. Mars in Virgo is analytical, organized, a researcher, planner, and workhorse. Mars comes around every two years to give you an infusion of energy and a cosmic boost. Please don't waste this precious opportunity; focus on your career, take a risk, move forward with a new project, idea, or inspiration. Mars in Virgo is a planner, cerebral, a researcher with a zillion spreadsheets and overanalyzed, yet clear, ideas. You can execute your plans with Virgo precision. Think big as you usually do, but also be mindful of overthinking and getting stuck in the minutiae. The new moon in Leo at 16 degrees arrives on August 8. This lunation asks you to find your happiness, to step out and have an adventure. Travel, expand your worldview, study, or take plant medicine; you are happiest having experiences. Take the road less traveled, literally or figuratively, to find your passion. Most importantly, you are on the eternal quest for meaning in your life; seek, remember to look within, and, hello, are you listening? Focus!

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19)

Ambitious and realistic Capricorn, it’s time to tap into your best traits as Jupiter, the planet of wisdom, travels back into Aquarius until the end of the year. What does that mean? You will finally have time to complete what Jupiter initiated four months ago. Jupiter, which brings luck and ease, will join your ruler Saturn, representing hard work. It’s time to invest in yourself, to take a risk on your talents and skills. Showcase your innate strengths, creativity, and values. There are no limits now, Cap, as the celestial energies line up to remove obstacles. Jupiter is picking up the baton, ready to run with a business or project you find worthy and purposeful. You tenaciously work for the long-term goal. The good news is, you've got five months to accomplish it with Jupiter's help. Of course, you'll need collaborators and a community to assist you. Reach out and find your people; you love meeting goals, so get to it!  Mars, the planet of action, is in Virgo for the next six weeks. Mars is your 9th house of travel, learning, spirituality, and different cultures. He comes around every two years to jump-start this area of your life. Mars in Virgo is a fastidious planner, researcher, analyzer, perfecting the details. Do plan that trip, expand your worldview, and take that class. Virgo ultimately wants to serve others. Wherever you travel or learn, you aim to help others. A new moon in Leo at 16 degrees arrives on August 8. Leo wants you to find your happiness, which is not an easy task after the dumpster fire of the last 15 months. Your intimate relationships, collaborations, and personal transformation bring you joy. Open your heart, ignite your passion, and tap into the wise sage that is your inner power source. Goddess Venus enters her domicile Libra on August 19, bringing harmony, peace, beauty, and attraction. With Libra ruling your 10th house of career, you are the ultimate peacemaker who leads with fairness. It is a time of harmony in the public domain. Embrace your benevolent side and pour some of that Capricorn pragmatism into all our cups this month, please.

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18)

August is the month of relationships, so let love in, Aquarius. Jupiter, the planet of abundance, travels back into your sign for the remainder of the year. As a result, you are back in the spotlight. What you initiated in the first few months of 2021 is up for completion. Jupiter will rejoin disciplined Saturn, beckoning you to think differently and creatively. Personal freedom is paramount. How do you want to show up in the world now? What inspires you? You've got five months of Jupiter's graces offering limitless potential; it is up to you to harness it. But now it’s time to let loose and be your genuine, weird, authentic self. Mars, the planet of desire, will be in Virgo for six weeks, activating your 8th house of intimacy, shared resources, and transformation.  Mars is passionate and action-driven, ideal for deepening your intimate relationships and doing inner work. In Virgo, Mars is discerning, analytical, and healing. He only comes around every two years to give you a restart. The new moon in Leo at 16 degrees arrives on August 16, landing in your 7th house of committed relationships, both personal and professional. Aquarius, embrace partnerships and collaborations which give you pleasure and purpose. Ditch your aloof exterior; let the warmth of Leo open up your heart. On August 16, your ruler Uranus turns retrograde in Taurus; Uranus has been holding court in your 4th house of home and family since 2018. You may see some mini-earthquakes in these relationships. Family dynamics can shift, freeing you from the drama. You can see how far you've come during this retrograde, having supportive family relationships which ground you.The second full moon in your sign arrives on August 22 at 29 degrees, giving you a better understanding of who you are and which relationships give you the space to let you indeed be yourself. May love reign this August!

Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)

After a brief summer respite, your creativity is reignited in August, Pisces. Jupiter, your ruler, travels back into Aquarius till the end of the year. Then he will rejoin structured Saturn, pulling back into your house of creativity, mysticism, and retreat. It is where you find your mojo. What you initiated January through mid May is pulling you back to refocus. It's also a call for greater personal freedom. So ask yourself: what must you let go to liberate yourself from fears? What's holding you back from connecting to your deeper creative and spiritual side? Commit to a long-term goal, something meaningful and big picture; you've got five months to complete it. You'll work the best solo, behind the scenes, gathering your inspiration from the cosmos. It's a time for soul searching and restoration. The more you clear the way, the more focused creativity will emerge. Come 2022, you are in the spotlight! Mars, the planet of action and desire, lights up your 7th house of committed relationships, both personal and professional. Pisces, be proactive! Take a risk, do reach out to potential partnerships. Mars is in Virgo, is detailed, gentle, discerning and helpful. Be mindful of overthinking and not taking action when needed. The new moon in Leo at 16 degrees arrives on August 8. Leo is where we find our joy!  This lunation encourages you to focus your attention and effort on your everyday work routines, productivity, health, and self-care. Staying committed to your daily routine and wellness can bring you so much happiness and peace. So ramp up the music, and find your joy in the monotonous tasks of everyday life, which only a Pisces can do! The full moon in Aquarius at 29 degrees arrives on August 22, illuminating your 12th house of the subconscious; you may gain a deeper insight into where your intuition guides you, and as always, Pisces, it will be lit with a creative spark!

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