Your April Horoscope: Soothe Your Sign

During this global health crisis, we all need to be looking out for each other, and ourselves. To play your part in rising up to help heal yourself and the world this April, from a safe and healthy distance, of course, and take care of yourself while in isolation, our in-house astrologer, Lori Bell, maps out the month ahead with your strongest attributes and the best ways soothe your sign during these trying times.
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Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)

Aries, if there is any sign the world needs by our side right now, it is you. You totally show up during a crisis. You are the warrior, the hero ready to spring into action without hesitation. Courage is your middle name. You possess an uncanny ability of will to triumph over any intimidation, obstacle, or doubt. Your reflexes to respond and help others are perfectly honed. If you are thinking, “No way, that is not me!” then stop, and listen to me. I'm the astrologer! You're like a superhero cloaked in street clothes wearing your superhero suit underneath. The crisis is here. Change your clothes! Now, for self-care. Aries, you are impatient, prone to quick outbursts, aggression, and anger. While in self-quarantine, it is essential to exercise and dance to burn off the excess restlessness and frustration. Your partner or roommates need to put up with this to keep their own sanity. Close the door or have them join in. On Instagram, follow D-Nice, his club quarantine is the bomb! Dance party every night! If you're hunkering down with a partner, sex is the best medicine. Live in a high rise? Run up and down the flights of stairs a few times a day. One runner in France ran the length of a marathon on his 23-foot-long balcony. I am sure he is an Aries. But limit the alcohol, it isn't suitable for your immune system, don't smoke, stock up on CBD oil, and ration your edibles. Blueberries and radishes help reduce anger, so go online and order now since there could be delays. Aries, if you find stuck in the anger, channel it in positive ways. We need your courageous spirit now more than ever.

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)

Taurus, your calming and centered demeanor is vital during these chaotic times. You offer the world so much needed stability, constancy, and persistence. You also possess the innate wisdom to keep things simple, not overthinking or complicating matters. What brings you comfort, especially now, is peace, good food, music, and a comfortable home. Of all the zodiac signs, you are like chicken soup for the worried souls. You nourish others with your down-to-earth common sense, and you have the ability to calm us down and soothe our anxiety. Thank you, Taurus! Now for your own self-care. This is the time to play on your favorite playlist, cook some comfort food, and just be still. Nature is essential; get outside and dig in the dirt. If you can't, buy a house plant or flowers when buying groceries. It's springtime, so plant those seeds and they will grow.  Nature's beauty and bounty will serve to heal you. If you do not have pets, now's the time. Taurus, you have a natural affinity with animals. Those living solo, go foster, and end up adopting; these animals need you as much as you need them. You can lounge on your sofa listening to music, reading, or watching Netflix for days. You have permission to indulge, be it a glass of red or a piece of chocolate. Don't do both as we need your immune system in tip-top shape. Taurus, you are the voice of reason and the calm during a tumultuous storm. Please rise up.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Gemini, with your keen intelligence, you are the Zodiac's messenger of information and purveyor of knowledge.  You were born to perceive and now we need you to share your perceptions. Curiosity, quick wit, and mental stimulation are vital during these chaotic times. Who else will inform us of the news, the latest apps to get, books to read, or which series to watch on Netflix? It is you.  Your role is to keep us updated, laughing, and connected. Being one of the most flexible signs of the zodiac, you instinctively can roll with this rapidly changing and unsettling world. For your own self-care, Gemini, you need to connect. Social media is your lifeline. I suggest that you download the Houseparty app.  You can video chat with all your friends at once and keep everyone engaged. You're restless and get bored quickly; sign up for any of the free online university courses. Exercise is also vital for you now; burn off your excessive mental energy with a yoga or breath work class. Insomnia may be an issue for some of you. If so, drink chrysanthemum tea, soak your feet in hot water before bed, maintain a sleep schedule, and meditate before bedtime. We are counting on you, Gemini, to share the latest information and memes with the rest of us!

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Cancer, your noble task now is to provide the world with innate gifts of love, tenderness, and kindness. You are exceptional at intuiting the needs of others.  You are incredibly sensitive, especially to the suffering of humanity. Cancer, you naturally provide unwavering support in the form of mothering. It's like we are all your children. Being in self-quarantine will not be too challenging for you; you're a homebody at heart. To escape from the external world is welcoming. So embrace it. For self-care, dear Cancer, give back to yourself all that love and support you shower upon others.  Be kind, gentle, and self-compassionate. Turn off the news; ask a Gemini for the pertinent information. Cook nourishing meals while uploading to Youtube and teach the rest of us. Connect with all your loved ones and friends; there are so many cool sites to use. Post positive messages on social media. If you live solo, adopt a pet. Cancer, you need someone or something to nurture, it is essential to your wellbeing. Make sure to have a good cry whenever you feel the need to release all the psychic pain you absorb. We are all in this together.  You, sweet Cancer, are a guiding force of love and care along a challenging journey.

Leo (July 23-Aug 22)

Leo, you are a beacon of light in our stormy world. You radiate warmth, positivity, confidence, and joy! A natural-born leader, Leo, you are the Zodiac's majestic lion.  You naturally attract attention. And you love to be on stage, as a performer, leader, influencer. Wherever you go, happiness follows in the moment. In these challenging times, you dear Leo, will entertain, add cheer, and inspire us to find the silver lining. You are a social creature, so being in self-quarantine and social distancing are not easy tasks. For your self-care, you must connect with the world. Make videos, host a virtual sing-a-long, start a dance party, read poetry, or post your art on Instagram.  To pass the time alone as you must, document life in self-quarantine -- find a creative outlet for expression. Then, please share your creativity with the rest of us. Leo needs an audience. We need Leo. Go outside for sunshine, and feel the warm rays. Just be out there now, Leo. We need your positivity, playfulness, and love. I promise we will love you in return. Isn't that just wonderful?

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22)

Virgo, your essence is to be of service. It will always be your highest calling, as helping others fills your soul. Now the universe is demanding that you step up and into this role. Virgo, your pragmatic realism, competence, and patience are in high demand. You see the greatest potential in people; though you may sometimes criticize, it is only meant to improve their lot and situation. So, Virgo, you're the one we are calling upon for sage advice in these most challenging times, whether for a trivial favor or dire decision. Your self-care during these strange times is to organize closets, tend to administrative to-do's, clean the house, and make spring a true time of renewal.  It will soothe and calm your mind to live in an orderly environment right now, one of the few things you can control. Maybe make a DIY video on how to declutter your work space? Stop the self-criticism and the self-sacrifice; they do not serve you. Instead, practice self-acceptance and self-love for optimal balance.  Turn to gentle yoga, organic meals, and keep a steady routine, no matter how much things have changed. Live in the present moment, eyes wide open for opportunities to give back. You are in service to the world, how lucky are we. Thank you, Virgo.

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22)

Libra, your grace, equanimity, and composure under chaos are what the world needs now. Wherever you go, you bring balance and justice. You always see both sides of a situation, rarely taking either side. You are the Zodiac's peacemaker; shying away from confrontation and always looking for the compromise. Harmony is your mantra. Relationship and friendships are your lifeline, while beauty is paramount to your well-being. For self-care during these difficult days, turn beauty from the outside world to placate your inner one. Luxuriate your home, rearrange the furniture, buy flowers, set the table when you're eating, even if you're living solo. Libra, you are a social being, and this self-isolation may take its toll. So, you must make extra effort to chat, FaceTime, and connect with family and friends a few times a day. Living with your family, partner, or roommates, you'll be the one to keep the household harmonious. The arts are vital to your self calm.  Take advantage of museums free virtual tours. Play music, sing loudly, dance with abandon, take photos of loved ones or out in nature. Just lose yourself in any and all forms of artistic expression. Lovely Libra, the world is counting on you to teach us to get along with one another. We are all in this together; please show us the right way to get to the other side.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)

Scorpio, you bring intensity, brutal honesty, and clarity into our lives. You strip away all the pretense and have the courage to feel anything, no matter how terrifying. You are strength, and focus gives you resilience. You do not shy away from difficulty, suffering, or disasters. You are the most potent sign of the Zodiac. You are aware of the entire life experience, including death and regeneration. Your power lies in the knowledge of what being here is all about. You are one we reach out to in those dark-night-of-the-soul moments. Only a Scorpio can take that dark journey with you, never to leave your side. You were made to show up during these unprecedented times. For your own self-care, engage in any activity which brings you levity. Blast the music, watch old sitcoms, host virtual happy hours, have stress-relieving sex. Exercise, try shadow boxing; you may see yourself? Also, find time to turn inward and connect to your spirit. Meditate, chant, stream teachings from a Buddhist center. You crave profound, authentic, meaningful teachings. You'll see right through any inauthentic gurus. Stillness can bring balance to the intensity of the times. We look to you, Scorpio, to hold us up, keep it real, and go the distance until the chaos calms.

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)

Sagittarius, you are the seeker, traveler, and perpetual student. You are always searching to expand your world.  Sag is also an optimist who finds strives to find the ultimate answers to life's most profound questions. Your enthusiasm and levity provide rays of sunshine in these dark days. You live life to its fullest, leaping forward into the unknown, trusting you'll land on your feet. You have faith.  You, dear Sagittarius, are now tasked to lift our spirits, keep us positive, and enlighten the world with your knowledge. Given this restless, active spirit, being confined is especially challenging to you now. For your own self-care, exercise is crucial. Get creative, download apps, get outside when you are able, run, dance, buy a jump rope or mini-trampoline. Make it fun!  Learn, think of all the books you can read now! Sign up for the free online university classes; Yale is offering its Happiness course. Master a new language that you can use on your next trip, once the world reopens. Stay in touch with all your friends, far and near; the meeting apps have increased their bandwidth. You view life as one big adventure; maybe this will be the biggest adventure of your life. Sag, we are counting on you to help us keep the hope alive. 

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19)

Capricorn, the wise, elder sage... It doesn't matter what age, you possess deep, old-soul wisdom. Integrity, discipline, patience, and perseverance are your hallmark traits. Instinctually practical, you look at reality clearly and adopt what's most useful to its requirements. You can do anything through focus and determination. Capricorn, you have the ability to weather these current storms with grace and fortitude. You love your solitude; being alone nourishes your soul. Share your helpful tips for helping others deal with the isolation. Those living solo during these times will likely thrive. Still, remember to connect with friends and family. Everybody's doing it! Your nature is to isolate, which can lead to depression. We don't need more of that now, so please reach out, Caps! We all want to hear from you. For the Capricorns sharing living quarters, you must forge out alone time, hideaway in a room daily. If not, you will be a grumpy drag and bring others down. Work is your friend right now. Revamp your website, network on Linkedln, and stay focused on your job. Those who aren't working, I have complete faith that you have already set the wheels in motion for your next professional pursuit. You're a natural career counselor. Lend your sage advice and guidance while so many are in need, and keep us focused on our future goals. Thank you, Capricorn.

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18)

Aquarius, you're the rebel, humanitarian, and genius inventor. You're always focused on promoting the good for all, not merely for yourself. Your clarity, certainty, and thoughtful perspective are what the world needs now. You can think in ways that we have not been taught to believe. It's this out-of-the-box innovation that can help resource us during these unprecedented times. You value friendships more than anything; you're gregarious and thrive via social interactions. Spread those gifts, so no one feels alone. For your own self-care, really create group connection; the apps are plentiful, download them now. Use this time wisely and disseminate your unique knowledge. Lead online groups; teach a class; come up with a new app to facilitate connection. If you are living solo, use much of your time connecting online with friends and groups; you need it, dear Aquarius. You devote too much energy to your head, tending to neglect your physical body. So, please eat sensibly, get exercise, and sleep. Aquarius, you exemplify that we are one and interconnected. Help inspire us into a better, more soulful world moving forward. 

Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)

Pisces, you have boundless compassion, kindness, and empathy. Gifted with high sensitivity and psychic ability, you naturally understand people. Pisces can ease even the most hardened individuals. There is an elusive, mystical quality about Pisces: the world's great poets, artists, musicians, healers, and empaths, are disproportionately of your sign. You live in your imagination, flowing to your own rhythm. You soften and teach us to be kind to one another. You open your heart for the disadvantaged, taking in stray cats, dogs, and people. For you, self-care is essential. During this turbulent time, Pisces, you must rest; you put out so much emotional energy for others, that you have to restore yourself. Meditate, walk in nature, swim, listen to music, and daydream. You are such a sensitive being; knowing the suffering about you takes its toll. Live solo? Foster and adopt a pet,  and have plenty of live plants surrounding you. Be mindful of drinking or smoking too much weed, and you are prone to rely upon it to escape the universal pain you feel. Pisces, you teach us to spread tender loving care, how we need it now as a global collective. Lead us toward healing as we can not do this without you.


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