In the Shower With April Carrión

Part of the fun of having drag queens performing every Friday evening at NO BAR during RuPaul’s Drag Race season is getting to hang with them when they get ready. This year, though, we wanted to change things up and adapt the fun-but-done format of “In bed with…” and zhuzh it up by moving things into the shower because… why not?

This week we’ve got Drag Race season 6 alumnus April Carrión, a self-described Puerto Rican mystical drag queen.. The category is: A buncha random questions with 15:00 on the clock. To quote Mama Ru, I can’t wait to see how this turns out.

If there was a Marvel movie about you, what would your superpower be?
Damn bitch! [Laughs] A feline that could just swim in water and fly and save nature. I would be Captain America… but woman.

Who is your pop queen and why?
Okay, I have two divas! I love Kylie Minogue because she’s sexy and so sensual and then Sade. I know she’s not really pop but for me she’s God.

Go-to room service order?
Probably a chicken salad, although many places make the worst chicken salad. So no, let’s say hamburgers.

Favorite porn studio?
I don’t really have a preferred studio. I like looking at the fun stuff on Twitter and Tumblr from the people that I follow.

What frustrates you the most?
When food doesn’t taste good or it doesn’t taste at all. I need flavorful. Oh, and also the cold weather. I hate the cold weather. I can’t be in three layers, it’s just not me.

Favorite thing about NYC?
Brooklyn and the drag scene in Brooklyn because it’s so free and it’s so fun. Even the people in the crowd. And there’s mucha Latinos so it’s a fun getaway. I feel like I’m in Disney when I visit Brooklyn.

Name five gay celebrities.
Ricky Martin, obviously. Ellen. Elton John. Sam Smith. And Carson Kressley, I guess.

What’s the most unexpected part of your life coming out of Drag Race as a result of being on the show?
Nobody informs you of the business aspect of it. And it took me a while to get accustomed to it. I think you need a crash course after you film the show about how it works because it’s so much stuff happening at the same time and we need to monetize and be organized into making our business. Nobody told me that and I was lost for a minute.

Name a bad Lady Gaga song.
“A Million Reasons.” That whole album, though. But I’m so excited for this one though, bitch. I am ready. She’s back.

What is your grooming ritual?
If I didn’t do drag I wouldn’t be really into it. But because I shave my body, I need to take care of my skin so much because if not it gets really irritated. Being in the shower for 15 minutes, letting the pores open and then shaving with a hot razor and a bunch of creams to keep the skin nice.

Who is your favorite world leader and why?
I am actually ready to see Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez bloom and see everything she is going to do in this world. I am rooting for her.

Tell me the story of how you got your drag name.
Oh my God, that took me over a month! But it’s the simplest thing. I was born and April and my last name is Carrión. [Laughs] I had a notebook with crazy 

Favorite dipping sauce?
Ranch is a classic but mayoketchup. That is very Puerto Rican. Mayonnaise and ketchup, add some garlic and it goes with everything.

What’s one Puerto Rican custom or tradition that you feel particular pride about?
The music without a doubt. We have lots of different genres. It ignites rhythm from reggaeton to salsa to bomba. You feel power in it.

Top 3 Drag Race contestants of all time?
Before being on the Race, I was obsessed with Raja, so her obviously. Nina Flowers: I was probably 16 when I saw her and she looked like she was not from here, like a demon or something, and I loved it; I felt so intrigued. And I also love Violet. And Sasha. There’s just so many.

Best place you’ve travelled in the last year.
Costa Rica or Brazil. 

Name a person you’d love to have a public feud with.
You know what? I want to have a feud with Azealia Banks. I love her outbursts and think that would be fun. I love her music but she sucks though. She’s always causing problems and making shit comments about everyone but her music is so brilliant.

If you could pass any law what would that law be and why?
Legalize weed, bitch. I am ready for it. Everybody should have weed. Better world.

What movie will you always watch if it’s on and why?
Troop Beverly Hills. I always wanted to be a boy scout and I kinda am a girl scout now.

What would you say to someone that says drag is an art form exclusive to men impersonating women?
But no! It can be. But drag is whatever you want it to be. I can transform myself into anything, not even a woman but a creature, whatever, and I can call it that. So we should chill out and let everyone live. Don’t put drag in a box. Enjoy it without labels.

Choice cocktail?
Gin and tonic. Or a beer by the beach.

What issue do you consider most important to you in the 2020 election?
I’m always rooting for more focus on LGBTQ rights and right now we need to put more focus on trans rights and trans visibility as well as gun violence. We need to deal with that.


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