Your April Horoscope

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Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)

Happy Birthday, Aries! This month, carpe-diem is your middle name. While March was a creative incubator, a behind the scenes kind of month, April is the time to initiate. To be true to your core nature, you must activate something; being idle dims your spark. Like the mammoth ship Ever Given, stuck in the Suez Canal and shutting down everything, you are finally freed. The first two weeks are the most optimal for getting things done, Aries! The celestial skies are flowing with green lights; the energy moves steadily as your ruler Mars, the planet of action and desire, is in favorable aspects to expansive Jupiter, offering up a birthday gift from the universe. Mercury, the planet of communication, joins Venus and the Sun in your sign, and on April 3, you’re back to communicating in your feisty, direct self—no more waffling or being indecisive. The annual new moon in your sign arrives on April 11, permitting you to be self-focused for a while. Be bold, watch those mighty forces follow, and your dreams will come true in mid-October. Hold on to these dreams closely, keep revisiting them and tweak as necessary. And be patient. The potent lunation is active and accomplishment-driven. Think of all you can achieve within two weeks. It is time to take a few risks, and I am not referring to reckless Covid behaviors. If you tend towards obsessive behaviors, take heed; Venus is squaring Pluto and it can get tricky. Use this energy to stay highly focused and on point. The flip side is the crazy stalker vibe, and Aries, we do not want to see you on social media. By April 19, the energy moves into a slower rhythm, with the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus all in sensual, down-to-earth Taurus, igniting your second house of money, self-worth, and talents. Aries, the more profound question is, are you valuing yourself and showcasing your talents? Taurus energy asks you to slow down, be practical, and focus on prioritizing stability. Mars, your ruler, shifts into Cancer on April 23, activating your home and family life. Mars isn't too happy in sensitive Cancer and you'll have to address family issues at this time. No passive aggressive behaviors, please, or you may have to deal with a few. Keep your cool and when it gets too much go out for a run. Make the most of this productive month as you present your best self out into the world. 

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)

Spring has sprung and change is in the air, Taurus! In the first half of the month, it will be ideal to work solo and behind the scenes while incubating new projects. It is a reflective time for inspiration, dreams, and recharging. On April 11, the new moon in Aries joins the auspicious 12th House party. Tap into the powerful energy of the universe to change your life for the better. Turn inward and listen. It's time to be alone, creating your true vision for 2021. Go garden and plant those literal and figurative seeds. What you plant will actualize mid-October. This powerful lunation is accomplishment-driven. The only glitch on the new moon is Venus; your ruler is at odds with dominating Pluto. Emotions are intense, which makes this an opportune time to dive into the emotional depths to face some dark ones you’ve hidden away. Channel this potent energy to purge and release old emotional debris, and to reconnect with your authentic, lovely self. The second half of April is a game-change as the Sun, Mercury, and Venus, move into your sign. On April 14, your ruler Venus slides into Taurus, where she is now visible, giving relationships, beauty, and finances an infusion of love. The cosmic energy will continue its positive momentum, and, as of April 19, the Sun and Mercury enter Taurus, so there’s no more hiding out. You're energized, magnetic, and revitalized, ready to embrace the best version of you. Venus joins the rebel planet Uranus on April 22, a very unpredictable alignment that provokes you to be genuinely authentic, and it can destabilize, especially in relationships. Without Uranian energy, you can become too stuck and complacent; you can be very resistant to change. Mars shifts signs on the 23, enters Cancer, igniting travel, learning, and sharing information. The full moon arrives in Scorpio on April 26, activating your 7th House of committed partnerships. The full moon is usually intense, but this one is off the charts. Taurus, you may not be your best self on the full moon. The challenging aspects to Saturn and Uranus aim to be adaptable and mindful of knee-jerk reactions. The energy is resistant and polarizing, so you may just want to be alone that day. But it’s just a day. Celebrate instead your emerging vitality, change, and new possibilities!

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Gemini, the promise of spring is here. Vaccinations are quickly rolling out, with 90% of American adults eligible for a jab by April 19. April brings clarity, spark, and forward momentum. Time to get your mojo back and start living your life on your terms. Being the sign of duality, you are our genius minds, noisy social media types, constant distractions, profound songwriters, news junkies, and informed contemplatives. Ever the social butterfly, you are itching to get back into your social groove. Even the introverted Gems need the everyday human connection, chatting with the check-out clerk or the stranger on the subway. Research has shown that talking to strangers boosts our wellbeing and immune system. The first weeks of April are accomplishment-driven, action-oriented, risk-taking, just do it kind of days. A lineup of planets is activating your 11th house of social networks, friends, co-collaborators, and future aspirations. It is where you thrive. Mercury, your ruler, the planet of communication, enters Aries on April 3, when your mental clarity is sharp, assertive, and confident. The new moon's arrival in Aries on April 11 is positive, dynamic, and uplifting; new moons are times to set intentions and envision new plans which can come to fruition in October.  The planets are in full support of your goals; please, stay focused! Keep the brain-wandering in check, stay calm and focused. With a mind as fast as yours, most of us cannot keep up. The cosmic energy shifts mid-month as you retreat into your 12th house of solitude, during which time you should slow down, hang out in your garden, rest, or take a timeout. Tend to your inner life, dream, reflect, and take time out to smell the flowers. Taurus energy is sensual, grounding, and nurturing. The full moon arrives in Scorpio on April 26, activating your 6th house of health, daily routine, and co-workers. Scorpio full moons are usually intense, yet this one is a doozy. Full moons are endings, the release of emotions; this one is polarizing and forceful. Tend to your wellbeing, be your flexible, adaptable self. And don't forget to talk to strangers and share your fabulous self with the world. 

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Welcome to Spring, where you should take Nike’s advice and “just do it.” There is a lineup of planets in Aries which is risk-taking, initiating, courageous, bold, and decisive. Aries is at odds with your sensitive, feeling nature, though. With challenging exceptions, you get things accomplished; the tension creates uncomfortable friction to get off your sofa and be engaged in the world. Mercury enters Aries on April 3, adding mental clarity, decisiveness, and the immediacy to get things done. The new moon in Aries arrives on April 11, joining Aries’ planetary lineup in your house of career and your contributions to the world. This very productive and promising lunation is an opportunity to set your intentions and get laser focused on what you wish to plant now, which will manifest in mid-October. The question for you is what should you keep doing, stop doing, and start doing? Meditate on this. The cosmic energy is supportive this month; use it wisely. As the world is beginning to open up safely as the vaccinations roll out, think about what you want to roll out at this grand reopening. You are a natural leader in the workplace, so rise and take charge. Showcase your bold, courageous and adventurous side; success is bound to follow. The first two weeks of April are action-packed; you can get more accomplished now than you have since the beginning of the year. The cosmic energy shifts dramatically by April 19, when the Sun, Venus, Mercury and Uranus, will be in stabilizing, grounded, earthy Taurus, soothing your soul with calming energies. Your inner circle and future aspirations are ignited. Find your squad; who do you want to collaborate and hang with? Expand that social network, seek out the rebels, the ones who break from tradition and push you out of your inner shell. Keep those who nourish and support you, whose ideals you align with, and delete those who don't. Mars, the planet of action and desire enter Cancer in your first house on April 23. You'll feel an energizing shift that will give you a boost of mojo and the ability to assert yourself without apology. The full moon arrives in Scorpio on April 26, landing in your 5th house of creativity and self-expression. With Saturn and Uranus in the mix, this lunation is intense, so be mindful of emotional reactivity, polarizing beliefs, and disruptions. Full moons are endings and releasing; let go of what no longer makes gives you joy. Cancer, be bold, be kind, and, yup, just do it.

Leo (July 23-Aug 22)

Leo, you will be wearing rose-colored glasses this April. The world looks brighter and full of possibilities. April is an action-packed month, brimming with energy and optimism. It also offers a welcome invitation to open the windows, feel the spirit of renewal, and broaden your perspective on the world outside. With over 90% of the US adult population eligible to receive the COVID vaccine by April 19, you can engage with greater confidence. A lineup of planets in Aires vitalizes your sign with enthusiasm, adventure, courage, and decisiveness. Mercury, the planet of communication, enters Aries on the 3rd after dwelling in nebulous, dreamy Pisces. Your mental clarity is back! No hesitating or second-guessing; decisions are now fast and on-point. Trust them. A new moon joins Venus and Mercury in Aries on April 11, activating your 9th house of travel, learning, spirituality, and perspective. What a perfect time to set clear intentions for the rest of 2021, through those rosy lenses. Plan a trip abroad as countries reopen. Learn, seek knowledge, consult a spiritual teacher, study philosophy, religion, or a new language for your travels. The only glitch in this positive lunation is tension between Venus and Pluto, which can lead to OCD thinking and behavior. Instead of ruminating on what you may have lost in 2020, tap into the higher expression of this celestial energy—productive, positive, and powerful—your monthly mantra. To keep you grounded while making these forward shifts, the planets move from energized Aries to stabilizing Taurus on April 19. Career comes into particular focus. Are you happy? Stimulated? Do you feel as though your work is meaningful? It is an opportunity to seek those answers. Uranus enters your chart, demanding that you shake things up at work to support your most authentic self. Maybe read What Color is My Parachute? for the 5th time. This theme of hopeful possibility continues when Venus and Uranus conjunct on April 23. Though this alignment can be unsettling, especially in relationships, a Uranus transit creates movement. Once again, you’ll have the opportunity to reflect on what you truly want, especially when it comes to romantic love. That same day, Mars, the planet of desire and action, enters Cancer, spotlighting your house of renewal. Spring forward and keep wearing those glasses. They look good on you, Leo!

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22)

Spread your wings, Virgo! The celestial skies are action-packed and full of opportunity. Your ruler Mercury, the planet of communication, enters the warrior planet Aries on April 3.  Have you been suffering from brain fog or quarantine-induced doldrums? Well, April is the month you should feel it lift.  Your mind is now razor-sharp, direct, and a little impatient. What decisions have you been delaying? Give them focus now; they will pay off in your favor. Mercury joins the Sun and Venus in your 8th house of transformation, shared resources, and intimacy. Maybe you finally meet that COVID FaceTime date in person or plan a personal day to commune with nature. Decisions abound when the new moon in Aries joins this celestial house party on April 11. You have powerful astrological support to move in the directions that reflect your truest self. This is the time to set clear intentions which should come to fruition by October. Never one to shy away from looking at "your stuff," Virgo, shed what limitations you impose upon yourself, be open to creative self-expression, feel the fear and do it anyway! There are many online gurus to help guide this process. When it comes to your financial life, infuse it with practical, Virgo energy and reassess investments, pay off debts, or refinance your home. Take a gamble and buy digital currency even if you have no idea how it works. Just beware of compulsive behaviors on the 12th, when Venus butts up against powerful Pluto. By April 19, this energy of expansion welcomes a more outwardly, stabilizing force from Taurus. The emphasis shifts toward wisdom, traveling, spirituality, and learning. As the world slowly reopens, plan that postponed trip; find ways to expand your mind and worldview. The ongoing square between the rebel Uranus and disciplined Saturn serves to balance everything out between risk-taking freedom and overcommitted responsibility. Finally, a super full moon arrives in intense Scorpio on April 26, activating your 3rd house of communication, attitude, and community. Find ways to connect. Also, be mindful of your words, as this potent lunation may reveal some hidden secrets. In any case, Virgo, April helps you transform out of a cocoon into a soaring, monarch butterfly!

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22)

“To connect,” is your rallying cry for the month of April, Libra. Six planets congregate and dominate in Aries, activating your 7th house of committed relationships, both personal and business. With goddess of love Venus ruling your sign, you’re hard wired for partnerships. Initiating new relationships and connections comes so naturally given Libras’ signature charm, grace, and equanimity. Mercury joins the 7th house soiree on April 3. Communication is now direct, assertive, and confident. Libra, be bold; express your needs in a clear and autonomous way. Add some feisty banter for greater impact. This strong energy helps you authentically show up for yourself and your relationships. Though you like to avoid confrontation or conflict like COVID, you can’t compromise on your convictions. Stand up and speak your truth. It is especially important to do so during this period of renewal. A new moon adds to the celestial hangout in Aries on April 11. This lunation is dynamic, progressive, and hopeful. It sets the stage for new beginnings, a fresh start in partnerships. Coupled or single, find your brave and go fully after what you desire. Just be careful not to create messy conflicts that will mess with your mind. On April 12, Venus squares Pluto; watch out for obsessive behaviors around your relationships. No stalking, needy attachment, or online trolling. Instead, channel this powerful energy in positive directions and use it to build deeper, peaceful, and more meaningful relationships. Venus enters Taurus, the sign of her domicile, on April 14. Venus is grounded, sensual, and pleasure-seeking. This alignment helps you connect to and communicate your feelings even more effectively. On April 19, the Sun and Mercury arrive in Taurus. The corresponding shift to a stabilizing, slower, and steady pace, will be palpable. See your 8th house of finances, sex, intimacy, and transformation ignite. This is the NSFW stuff you’ve seen before, but this time you’re the star. Just don’t lose your phone if you decide to record it. Tend to it with a clarity inspired by the star party happening in Aries. Uranus, the awakener, has been active in this part of your chart since 2018. Uranus doesn’t take no for an answer. Take a risk—connect with a new love interest, invest in an NFT (don’t worry, I didn’t know what it meant either, but this is the time for expansion and receptivity to new possibilities). Whether with your own family, online community, or boss at work, this month it’s time share and spread the love!

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)

Spring cleaning, Scorpio? Whatever you’re doing, you’re bound to take it to a new level this month. The first half of April finds you in overdrive to organize, declutter, and deal with all the mundane details of life. Self-care and wellness are a priority. April is a new beginning, a fresh start; after a year of living with a pandemic, your priorities have shifted. Last spring, you were in lockdown. Now you’re about to emerge, vaxxed up and raring to go. Safely, of course. Well-being takes precedence. Scorpio, you are controlling, and this is one area of your life you can handle. A lineup of planets in accomplishment-driven Aries springs you into overdrive. The yearly new moon in Aries arriving on April 11 is a positive, hopeful lunation, inviting new possibilities. Plant your seeds of intention, focusing on enhancing your wellness, dealing with daily life details in a reaffirming, positive manner. Revamp your health routine, book those overdue doctor's appointments, get vaccinated if you haven’t already, and start exercising again. You can accomplish more in the first half of April than you've done in all of March. Venus, the planet of love, joins with rebel Uranus on April 14 in your 7th house of partnerships. Because it’s unpredictable, destabilizing energy, the upside is that it dissolves old patterns that no longer serve you. Be open to change; if you've learned anything from the pandemic, it is adaptability and resilience. The celestial skies shift course as the planets move from frenzied Aries to slower, calm Taurus by April 19. Now the attention is on your committed relationships, both personally and professionally. Taurus is your opposite sign, inviting you to slow down and drop into the calm and stabilizing influence it offers. Attend to your relationships, allow to be nurtured, and indulge yourself, please. Those partnered or single, the energy is inviting love into your life; let it in! Mars, your ruler, enters Cancer on April 23—June 2, during which time the urge to travel, learn and have an adventure will beckon. Mars in Cancer is emotionally needy, not at its best, so be aware of your moods and reactions. Self-awareness is your power; positively use this energy to learn, expand your horizons, connect with family, but keep your emotional reactions in check. Your yearly full moon in Scorpio arrives on April 26; it’s a super full moon that’s closest to the earth and, as such, is off-the-charts intense. It has challenging aspects with Uranus and Saturn, so be aware of being too fixed and polarizing in your response. Full moons are times of release and endings, either internally or externally. Clean house and let it go! 

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)

A Spring awakening is upon you, Sag! In a stark contrast to last Spring, April brings a fresh start, brimming with renewal and new possibilities. Reclaim your vibrant and optimistic self; it’s time to play! A lineup of planets in fiery Aries ignites an arousal in your 5th house of love, self-expression, and joy. Happiness is what we all are striving for, and you, dear Sag, have the cosmic forces on your side offering you the capacity to tap into your limitless potential for happiness and joy. Seize it! The yearly new moon in Aries arrives on April 11, joining the sizzling 5th house party. On this wonderfully positive lunation, do plant those seeds of intention, and, in mid-October, they will blossom. The energy in the first few weeks is in overdrive; whatever you set your mind to accomplish, you can; don't get scattered, and do keep up with the momentum. This wild energy slows down the pace on April 19 with grounded, stabilizing force as the planets move into Taurus. Tune into your wellbeing, as self-care, organizing, and work are highlighted. Attend to the mundane details of life, Sag. With Taurus here, you can do so in a calming, stabilizing, and grounded fashion. Venus conjuncts the rebel planet Uranus on April 14; sudden work or co-workers can emerge. It is an unpredictable alignment, yet it can awaken you to the unknown. The full moon in Scorpio arrives in your 1th house of solitude on April 26. Ideally, check out that day and spend it alone if you can. Being a volatile, intense full moon with challenging alignment with structured Saturn and rebel Uranus, resistance and polarizing forces are at play. Full moons are endings and releases; let go of what no longer serves you. As a free spirit who likes to travel light, there’s no need to carry around excess baggage. Tap into your vast joy and spread that happiness widely! We all need your Spring wakeup call!

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19)

Capricorn, Spring cleaning takes on new meaning this month. April's momentum to get things done is in overdrive. Though I know it will be challenging for the ultimate workaholic, try to redirect your focus from career to home life. April begins with a lineup of planets in warrior Aries and falls into your 4th house of home and family.  These are calling for your attention, even if you feel like you’ve done nothing but spend pandemic-driven quality time together. Get going on home repairs, DIY projects, repainting, redecorating; just do it. Engage other family members for help and connection, but be mindful of becoming impatient and bossy—you’re not at work, Cap. Mercury enters Aires on April 3, when communication is now straightforward, direct, and assertive. The yearly new moon in Aries arrives on April 11, joining the 4th house planetary party. This lunation is beneficial, highlighting new possibilities and opening new doors. Plant your seeds of intention with family matters in mind on this auspicious new moon and then watch them come to fruition in mid-October. The action-packed Aries energy shifts dramatically to calm, earthy Taurus by April 19, when you feel your stress levels depleting. The Sun, Venus, and Mercury all land in your 5th house of self-expression, passion, and happiness. Relish in this goodness. Taurus is sensual, pleasure-seeking, and knows how to enjoy life. There is some tension in the sky with Uranus and unpredictable, unexpected events may occur. You may realize that what once brought joy no longer does. This is a wonderful wake-up call to live more authentically. Don’t let it go to voicemail. Mars moves into Cancer and your 7th house of committed relationships from April 23-June 2. Mars doesn’t love Cancer, deeming him too emotional and sensitive for the warrior sign. Mars is strong-armed and wants you to have all that you desire.  Just be careful of becoming too Cancer-like. You prefer being cool and calculated anyway. Finally, the full moon arrives in Scorpio on April 26, offering another powerful lunation with heightened emotions. You’ll likely get more accomplished in April than in much of 2020, Cap. Just stay centered and tiptoe through the tulips!

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18)

April offers a fresh start of new possibilities after a year of pandemic-driven life; we can now truly celebrate Spring. The first half of April is fast-paced and accomplishment-driven. As the world slowly reopens, you are ready to get back to fully, yet safely, living. A lineup of planets in action-oriented Aries is here to get things moving. Aries energizes your 3rd house of communication, thinking, community, and siblings. The new moon in Aries arrives on April 11, offering you a fresh start to initiate new projects and new possibilities. Envisioning a direct conduit from the cosmos into your computer, rewrite your 2021 aspirations. Besides all the tangible things you aim to accomplish, include ways to tune in and be still. The planets are infusing you with motivation, willpower, and ample support. Plant your aspirations and watch them come to fruition in mid-October, but be mindful of your mental noise. You've been known for thinking outside of the box and having flashes of brilliance. Please share these ideas for positive purposes. Try not to engage in Twitter wars; your exchanges can be lethal. The energy shifts dramatically on April 19, when the planet moves into the slower-paced, stabilizing Taurus energy. Your domestic life takes center stage for the remainder of the month. The Sun, Venus, and Mercury are now dwelling in your 4th house of home. Aquarius, you do need a calm, stable, peaceful and nourishing home. Attend to your nest and add some beauty; flowers and plants will do—it doesn't have to be an HGTV redo. Scorpio's powerful full moon arrives on April 26; it is intense, with challenging aspects to Saturn and Uranus. It can be polarizing, resistant, and transformative. It is also a time of endings allowing you to create new possibilities. Cheers to brilliant ideas and a happy home!

Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)

April invites you to harness your courage and leap into the excitement of Spring. April is a month to initiate new beginnings and possibilities. Your second house of talents, self-worth, money, and values are ignited in the first half of the month. There is a stellium of planets in Aries holding court in this area of your life. It is infused with courage, boldness, and the inspiration to take action! The time is ripe to initiate new projects, increase your income, showcase your talents, or develop a new business. The new moon in Aries arrives on April 11, the ideal time to plant those seeds of aspirations and watch them blossom in mid-October. What will be your focus over the next year? What do you wish to initiate? This lunation is infusing you with motivation, support, and willpower. Pisces, this is not the time to procrastinate; stay focused, get clear and get to work! Mercury is in Aries, communication is direct, and can be combative; conflicts are possible now, but assert your needs. The energy shifts from frenzied activity to a slower, stabilizing pace by April 19 as the planets move into earthy Taurus, where your 3rd house of communication, community, and learning, is activated. Exchanges of ideas, networking, and connecting with your community now will nourish you, dear Pisces. As more people are vaccinated, you finally can safely meet up with your friends and neighbors. Venus and Mercury will conjunct the rebel planet Uranus, who are all dwelling in your 3rd house. The conjunctions will facilitate breakthroughs, with different ways of thinking and relating. Throw away old patterns that limit you. The full moon in Scorpio arrives on April 26; this powerful lunation allows you to face complex matters of the heart and break free of unnecessary baggage. Pisces, show the world your talents and your kindness and revel in initiating new beginnings.


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