Annie O Presents: Razia

Before she takes The Standard, East Village Penthouse stage on May 14th for The Annie O Music Series, get to know singer Razia in her interview with our East Village music maven Annie O.
Tell us where you're from and how it's influenced your music. 
I am originally from Madagascar and my music is based on Madagascar rhythms and sounds, but the music has followed my travelings and transformed into my own sound.
Where are you based now?
New York since 30 years, my second home.
Tell us about the new album, THE ROAD. What is the significance of its name?
It's about the road of life and all we encounter on an emotional level. I lost the woman who raised me last January, which lead me to write this album while holding her hands at the end of her life.
Tell us about your activism and it's link to your music.
My music is a mean to express myself and all my albums so far were geared towards raising awareness about the environmental destruction in Madagascar. I organized festivals where several musicians gathered forces to speak up about illegal logging as well as slash and burn agriculture that has been practiced in Madagascar for ages, embedded in our culture therefore so hard to shake off. Education is key, and music is for me the best way to educate people, as it touches their soul.

What do you hope to be your legacy with your music?
I want to make a difference for the people of Madagascar; I would love to spread Malagasy music and culture to this side of the world.
Do you have any touring plans this year?
It is in the work for the official release of the album due beginning of October.
Who is one artist that you would love to collaborate with?
I always loved listening to the guitar of Habib Koite. I would love to cooperate with him; he's got magic in his fingers and wonderful melodies.
Vocally, I would love to collaborate with my good friend Emel Mathlouthi, and I believe that will come soon. It is a matter of time.
Are there any tracks by other artists you've currently got on repeat?
Gambia from Sonia Jobateh
If Razia had a super power what would it be?
What can we expect from your performance at the Annie O. Music Series at the Standard East Village?
You can expect to be grounded and uplifted.
Annie O Presents: Razia
Monday, May 14, 7-9PM
The Standard, East Village Penthouse
Free with an RSVP to

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