Stan D'Arde

Stan D'Arde on the Joys of Playing Hooky with STNDAIR

There are countless things over the past 18 years in The Standard’s lifespan of which I am incredibly proud. Our hotels, first and foremost, the restaurants, our family (which includes YOU, bien sur!), the clubs, the parties, our perfect martinis, the jacuzzi at Le Bain, the rooftop pool at Downtown LA, our Miami spa, the penny floor at The Standard Grill, the garden in the East Village, THE TATER TOTS in Miami!!! I overdid it a bit there, but you get the picture. We’ve built a world that surpasses even our own wildest imaginations, and we’re humbled that you’ve always been a part of that.

Even with all that comprises our not-so, but oh-so Standard world, perhaps the thing that I hold most near and dear is our trusty little seaplane, STNDAIR. I don’t know what it is that I love about it so much. Maybe it’s the adorable moniker, Willa. Or maybe it’s the incredible ease and efficiency with which it gets me out to Sunset Beach. Whatever the case, I love her, and this year, we’re giving you yet another reason to love her…

Beginning June 17th, we’re introducing Sunset Hooky, and yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like: ditch the office, your loved ones, your friends or YOUR LIFE for the afternoon to head out to Sunset Beach for a quick respite from your own personal madness.  

The process is easy…call to reserve a flight departing at 11am on Thursday or Friday, leave your shoes on the dock, fly out to Sunset Beach on Shelter Island, enjoy a three-course lunch, go for a bike ride, go for a dip in the bay, lay out to dry off, and head back home at 4:30pm. No one will even know you were gone! We make it just so easy.

To reserve, give us a call on 855 STND-AIR (786-3247). And don’t say I never did anything for you.

xoxo, Stan

Stan D’Arde is the perennial voice of The Standard Hotels, having started his martini soaked career with the birth of The Standard, Hollywood. Now, he brings you all the insider intel from The Standard Family. Follow Stan on Twitter to stay up-to-date on all of it!

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