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6 Tips for a Better Life from The Standard Spa's Wellness Team

We gathered some tips from The Standard Spa, Miami Beach's Spa and Wellness team to help inspire you to take action for your own health. Follow these simple tips and you'll be feeling renewed in no time!

1. Take a Bath

Mina Gough, Spa Director at The Standard Spa

Soothe your soul even with a busy schedule and incorporate mindful baths for meditative calm and quiet time. To inspire, we have added a new bath menu available in-room and also in-room bath services. Just ring room service. Slip into a bath and dip into consciousness!

2. Go to Bed

Lori Bell, Acupuncturist & Astrologer at The Standard Spa

Ever struggled to get a good night’s sleep? The time that you go to sleep is more important than one would think. Sleep is as essential as nutrition. It strengthens our immune systems, increases memory, and supports emotional wellbeing. In traditional Chinese medicine, similar to circadian rhythms, our bodies have two-hour segments that correspond to each organ system. The liver, gallbladder, and lungs are at their strongest between 11pm and 3am. These organ systems are the main sites of detoxification in the body, so getting enough sleep is essential for cleansing our bodies and bringing them back to balance. Also, getting enough sleep is essential for our creative spirit and expression. Give it a try and get to sleep before 11pm. You will feel and look great.

3. Meditate

Renea Perry

Renea Perry, Massage Therapist and Meditation Guide

Starting a consistent meditation practice is easier than you'd think. First, pick a quiet place in your home or outside. It's best practice at the same time everyday, so try to select one that you can stick with. The first few days may seem useless, but the most important part is that you go to your peaceful place. You are reprogramming your mind and body to go to a space of relaxation. Let your mind rest. Understand internally that there is nowhere to go, nothing to do and no place to be... give yourself permission to let go... Slowly build upon this simple practice over time. Once you start you won't be able to stop... and this is where it gets juicy!

4. Treat Yourself!

Brad Plotkin

Brad Plotkin, Personal Trainer at The Standard Spa

Crazy right? The excess sugar will actually be good for your muscles and assists with the repairing process. The high glycemic carbohydrates will cause a spike in insulin, which will take those carbohydrates and jam them into the exhausted muscle cells. Insulin can be our friend if used at the right times. Lucky for you, this is one of those times!

5. Be Here Now

Jennifer Grace

Jennifer Grace, Motivational Speaker and Dream Coach

The past is gone, the future not yet created. The present moment is all that we have. When we worry about the future it causes fear and anxiety. When we regret the past it causes sadness and anger. Living in the present moment is where peace lives. This week, set your phone to ring 3 times a day. When it goes off have it say: Be Here. Now. Let the phone be reminder to come back to the here and now (the only place to be.)

6. Just Breathe

Elgar Richards

Elgar Richards, Wellness Supervisor at The Standard Spa

Did you know that the act of breathing is the single most detoxifying thing you will do all day, any day of the week? Not just any kind of breathing, but deep, even and calm breaths. Proper breathing has numerous benefits including enhanced circulation, improved digestion, calmer moods and an overall sense of ease within our own skin. How is this possible? Have you ever paid attention to what happens in your own body when you feel stressed, anxious or upset? Two things you’ll notice right away is that your breathing becomes shallow, erratic, and the heart rate rises. When we choose to watch our breathing, and control its fluctuations, we can literally change our own body chemistry. We can reduce our heart rates and very easily calm and center our minds and reduce the effects of stress. A great place to start is a 1:2 breath ratio, or inhale fully for a count of 4 and exhaling for a count of 8, if you find that difficult try inhaling for a count of 3 and exhaling for a count of 6. Best of all? Practice this anytime, anywhere!

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