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Willie Graff Meets Geoffroy Mugwump

Start 2014 with two masters of Balearic House and warm up your first Friday of 2014! Born and raised in Ibiza, Willie Graff has been a resident DJ at both Cielo in Manhattan and Pacha in Ibiza, sharing his time between the two islands... Probably one of the youngest resident DJ in such key nightclubs, Willie does not only sound 'Balearic', he is.

Willie Graff and Tuccillo Sunday Morning (Local Talk)

To find Geoffroy Mugwump you will have to fly a few hours north to Brussels, where he has been a godfather of nightlife since the early 90's. A key figure of the Belgian House scene, his disco-techno releases as Mugwump (with his partner Kolombo) have put him back on the worldwide label map: Kompakt, Eskimo, Throne Of Blood, Permanent Vacations, R&S... Now that their Boutade (released on cult label International Feel) has been featured on the 2013 best-of-the-year disco charts, Geoffroy proves 'Balearic' does not belong to those sunny islands. You can find it anywhere and Belgian after parties are a good place to start.

Mugwump Boutade (2013 Techno Redux)

Friday January 3rd 2014, Le Bain presents Willie Graff and Geoffroy Mugwump. The Standard, High Line. Doors 10pm.

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