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STANDARD CULTURE: Could you share with us one of your best child memory associated with music?

Anna: I loved Saturday mornings as a kid getting up really early and watching Rage, which is an Australian music video channel. They would play the weirder stuff around 6am and slowly get to the hits by breakfast, so I would wake up as early as I could. I remember being on the dance floor at a wedding when I was about 8 and as I danced between some aunties and the DJ played Earth, Wind and Fire and Michael Jackson, I was having my first moment of dancefloor eurphoria! I guess that was kinda my first rave... I remember spending hours in the jam room with my big brothers and my dad trying to act cool and sing along to whatever they were playing, pretending that my ears weren't hurting cos it was SO loud in there.... I know you only asked for one memory, but too bad.

What made you move to Los Angeles?

I love Australia but there is only so many times I could play the same clubs and festivals. Most people in Australia move overseas at some point. I had toured the USA a lot and really found myself loving LA, and I am so happy that I took the risk and moved over. I miss my friends and family for sure but right now LA is exactly where I wanna be.

We were talking with Louisahhh about her perfect romantic LA moment. She said it was "running up a mountain into a sunrise." What's yours?

Nothing makes me feel more grounded and content then driving out to Malibu or Topanga and hiking, having a swim, getting a good meal somewhere and ice cream from Brentwood on the way home. I'm gonna live on those hills one day!

Your career as a DJ and producer looks bright. What's the next step?

Right now my next step is getting the EP out. It's done and in the process of mixing/ releasing. I want to make sure there is a strong visual element to complement the music, and obviously once it is out I hope that the it resonates with people. Also want to finish a bunch of collaborations and get good at piano this year!

I bet you were at Coachella. What do you think was the most memorable moment?

I was in and out of the festival to play side shows so I didn't see everything, but Phoenix was great, loved that these serious French dudes brought out R. Kelly.

Did you see this video on Resident Advisor about Nina Kraviz on tour? How do you cope with the rigors of touring?

I have seen this! I mean, I understand what she means when she talks about creating a magic moment that cannot be captured once the party is over. And yes loosing that feeling is a little sad.. but the experiences and people that touring has bought into my life has been the best. Sometimes the travel is so physically grueling, I miss being home with my man and the hours in transit seem really wasteful, but I try to plan ahead and bring work and catch up on movies and reading. I also make an effort to engage with what is around me. I don't know, I just try to make the most of it.

You are playing with Them Jeans this Friday at Le Bain, which is nice, as you know each other pretty well. Anything we should know about the Them Jeans X Anna Lunoe connection?

You should know that we first met in 2009 when I was on tour, and now live 5 minutes from each other. We made 'Voodoo' in Sydney when he was on tour. He uncovered one of my darkest childhood secrets when I went on his Tall Tales Podcast. We like eating Japanese food together. We have similar eclectic tastes in house music and I'm probably gonna be freaking out at the party when he plays all the secret weapons that I was gonna play!

This Friday April 26, Le Bain presents Anna Lunoe and Them Jeans. Doors open 10pm. The Standard, High Line.

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