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Them Jeans' Other Dream Team

STANDARD CULTURE: What is the best place to have breakfast in L.A.? As an amateur chef what's your definition of the perfect meal?

Them Jeans: I make breakfast at home everyday so my ideal meal is a smoothie and coffee after a late night. If I do go grab a bite it's from Proof Bakery in Atwater Village.

What's your perfect romantic Los Angeles moment?

Watching the sunset from the Griffith Observatory.

Most memorable moment of Coachella 2013?

Eating Pizza Hut with Action Bronson!

There's a t-shirt towards the end of your video that looks like it might be a Coachella 1992? But Coachella started in '99, right?

It's actually from the '92 Lithuanian Olympic basketball team, known as the Other Dream Team. It's a gift from my friend Chris and it's awesome!

On top of producing music, you run your own podcast 'Tall Tales', which is well-known in the scene. Is it just a family thing or do you have big plans? Which episode would you recommend to a first listener to get hooked?

Tall Tales has big plans for the future, I'd say a good recent episode to get into would be when we had Yacht on. They're so smart and funny and chill.

Do you prefer to DJ in the club or en plein air?

I like DJing in open air more. The vibe is usually more relaxed and you can smoke while you DJ – always makes you look very cool.

You are playing with Anna Lunoe tonight at Le Bain ... Anything you'd like to share about your lovely friend?

Anna and I have been friends for a while. My favorite memory of her is working on music at her home in Sydney, and stopping for tea and cookie breaks.

This Friday April 26, Le Bain presents Them Jeans and Anna Lunoe. Doors open 10pm. The Standard, High Line.

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