Fashion Week

The Standard Fashion Week Scavenger Hunt

Fashion Week is a FOMO feast of the first order - shows to see, people to meet, parties to attend, champagne to sip, etc. It's glamorous, sure, but there's one thing that no one ever talks about: the boredom. The waiting in line. The waiting for the show to start. The waiting for wine. The waiting for your friend to come outside and get you in. The waiting in traffic.

To keep you (and us) entertained, Standard Culture has devised a little scavenger hunt. Not for competition, per se (bring it on), but mostly for the thrill of the hunt, and the ecstasy of the click. We know you're taking #selfies anyways, just use #standardfw to join in the fun.

1. A front row selfie

2. A male model’s underwear

3. A lock of BANKS’ hair

4. Swag, swag, and more swag

5. Pic of a dapper man in a double-breasted suit

6. The Standard Culture Print Edition

7. A broken stiletto (3” or longer)

8. 30 publicists’ business cards

9. A Top of The Standard bathroom selfie

10. A backstage pass with someone else’s name

11. A back row selfie

12. Hyperlapse of a PR girl losing her shit

13. A truly weird fashion creature in its natural habitat

14. Johan Lindeberg’s neckerchief

15. Choupette’s collar

Illustrations by Happy Menocal.

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