Le Bain

The Sound of New York

The Empire State Building from Le Bain (photo by Neil Aline)

Tom Brown Jamaica Funk

Stretch Armstrong: This funk record got played to death in late 80’s and early 90’s NYC, to the point where I didn’t really want to play it or hear it any more. I recently saw the video for it, which features all of the musicians and singers in the studio who over the course of the song appear to be the happiest people on Earth, and it now makes me really happy when I hear it. The Jamaica they are singing about is Jamaica, Queens, not the island.

Liquid Liquid Cavern (99 Records)

Justin Strauss: 99 Records was small little record store on Macdougal Street, run by Ed Bahlman, who then started to produce and release records of their own that changed the world of music. Liquid Liquid, ESG, Bush Tetras, and others defined the New York Sound. It still does for me.

The Clash This Is Radio Clash

Stretch: The Clash always owed much to New York’s original punk scene. But after visiting NYC when hip-hop started moving its way into Manhattan, they embraced the sounds of boom box culture, sighting Grandmaster Flash and other early dj/rap acts as new influences. This Is Radio Clash is just that – a culture clash, with elements of dub, disco, hip-hop and rock; not a New York record per se, but one that would not have been if it wasn’t for the city.

Get It On (Todd Terje Tangoterje re-edit) - Disco/Very

Justin: If I had to pick one song specifically about New York this is my choice. A great edit by Todd Terje. Get It On The Eastside, Get It On The Westside. New York I Love You.

Dominatrix Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight

Stretch: This was a huge record on Arthur Baker’s Streetwise imprint. When I first started to go out as teenager - when you could still go to clubs as a teen in NYC - I’d hear it everywhere. I’d like to think of it as alternative Freestyle but really, you can’t categorize this record. Always fresh. So New York.

Strafe Set It Off

The label on the record says "Mixed with LOVE by Walter Gibbons". Made in Brooklyn and mixed by the legendary New York disco DJ remixer, Walter turned this into a masterpiece. You could not escape this record anywhere in New York. And you didn't want too. It's like nothing else. Like New York City.

This Sunday February 24 at Le Bain, Nouveau York presents New York Sh!t by Stretch Armstrong and Justin Strauss. Doors 9pm. The Standard, High Line.

The party is a direct celebration of Stretch Armstrong's latest (and amazing) mix New York Sh!t. Enjoy and see you Sunday!

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