Le Bain

The Sound of '14

Blu Jemz: "Since Azealia Bank's 212, I feel like new life has been breathed into the rap/party track. So who better than the o.g. king & queen of this upbeat rap shit, Spank Rock & Amanda Blank to bring the latest banger. The bass in Bobby Evans production kills the club, but it's the duo's sex-filled flows that really make this one stand out. I feel like they picked up right where Bump left off, let's get it on."

Spank & Blank We Can Go All Night Long (Bad blood records)

Eli Escobar: "I like Bodyjack mostly 'cause it's hard as fuck but also 'cause I like how the song is the same name as the group which I'm hoping is a tip-of-the-hat to classic metal bands like Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath who also had self-titled songs."

Bodyjack Bodyjack (Bodyjack)

Lloydski: "It's hard to believe that after being in the game from 15 plus years Erol Alkan is only putting out solo music now. I didn't even realize that until I read the press release for his record A Hold On Love. Worth the wait if you ask me. The entire record is amazing but "A Hold on Love" is a definite stand out.

Blu Jemz: "Peak Twins is Lloyd's new group with our friend Ter Khan. This is their first single coming out soon and just like the title suggests, it PUMPS SHIT UP. Been playing it when i need to pick up the pace, but wanna act like I'm not sweating it. House Music All Night Long!"


Eli Escobar: "I've been dropping Make My Day by Maurice Tamraz at Night People right when things are starting to get moving and it seems to pick up the dance floor a lot. It's just a sample of Waldeck's Make My Day but the original is kind of trip hop-y."

Maurice Tamraz Make My Day (Teaser Edit)

Lloydksi: "I was lucky enough to procure Broken Drums by Eric Duncan on CD before it comes out sometime next year. Not sure of the details behind it but its the perfect marriage of melody and hard hitting drums. This is for sure going to be a huge record in the new year."

Eric Dunks Duncan

Night People, every Saturday of 2014 at Le Bain w/ Eli Escobar, Lloydski and Blu Jemz. The Standard, High Line. Doors 10pm.

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