Eau Claire Feels Good

We sat down with DC nu-disco producer Eau Claire before she brings her party, Feed Me Disco, to The Rooftop on Saturday, June 3rd.
THE ROOFTOP: Tell us about the moment it became clear to you that you wanted to focus your life on music. 
EAU CLAIRE: Music has always been a central part of my life having come from being classically trained in piano. However, when I started exploring electronic music production, that's when I discovered my real passion for music. I realized that I wanted to spend all my time writing music instead of going out and that I could really envision a path for my music and brand. 
Eau Claire's "All The Wonder" (2017)

The French influence is pretty obvious in your music (and name). What are the roots of it?
When I started to produce music, it would be anything that sounded good to me. I tend to gravitate to the feel-good energy as an individual, and although I didn't purposely choose to create music influenced by the French [disco-house sound], it naturally reflected in the style of music I produced. I chose Eau Claire one day some years back walking through a market in Calgary (the city I was born in) that was called the Eau Claire Market and it dawned on me how perfectly the name suited my personality and musical style.

What about your hometown, DC? How would you describe the indie/nu-disco scene there?
I think I have a special niche in the DC scene. We have a lot of great house and techno artists and producers so it's very special to me to be a part of keeping the nu-disco scene alive. Everyone in the community is super supportive and I absolutely love hosting my Feed Me Disco shows there. I started them about a year and a half ago and it amazes me to see how much the party has grown.

"My melancholic side would sound gentle and mysterious." – Eau Claire

DJ Mag said you've "found a niche in highlighting happy, feel-good vibes in your work.” What would Eau Claire's melancholic side sound like?
I definitely agree that my music carries a happy, feel-good vibe. My melancholic side would sound gentle and mysterious, like my remix for Autograf of "Metaphysical," which I was able to express some darker tones.

You’re bringing your party, Feed Me Disco, to The Rooftop. Tell us something we should know about your guests. 
I am so excited to be bringing the East Coast disco vibes to The Rooftop! I'm bringing along with me The Golden Pony (New York) and N2N (LA/Brooklyn). Both are strong music producers and great DJs I have known for some time. I had The Golden Pony join me for DC's debut Feed Me Disco and it was an absolute blast. They have a long repertoire of releases and have just put out a new single titled "Passionfruit (ft. Denham)." N2N also has a killer repertoire of music releases over the years and also worked with me in remixing my debut original, "All The Wonder," which we put out earlier this year.  

On Saturday, June 3rd, The Rooftop presents Feed Me Disco
featuring Eau Claire, The Golden Pony, & N2N
The Standard, Downtown LA | 3pm

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