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The French Kings of Pop

Based in Reims, Pierre-Alexandre Busson, aka Yuksek, has been busy lately. Last Spring, he launched his new label PartyFine which aims to present Yuksek's diverse musical tastes, from disco to electro, indie to club. First releases have featured Oh Land, The Magician and rising French producers Le Crayon and Get A Room - which gives you a perfect definition of 2013's Freshest French sound. Yuksek has been touring the US as a DJ and will stop at Le Bain this Sunday!

Black Yaya (PartyFine), the new project by David Ivar, reworked by Yuksek.

Remember 'Breathe'? Pretty sure you do. Télépopmusik's chill-out anthem was played everywhere in the early 2000's and put the Parisian trio on the world map of Pop. We almost lost track of the band since the release of their second album 'Angel Milk' in 2005... until now. Télépopmusik are back with 'Try Me Anyway' featuring Brooklyn singer Betty Black... Antipop, the band's official DJ, will close the night this Sunday.

Télépopmusik's anthem 'Breathe'

Last but not least, Nouveau York will feature the live performance of newcomer Dream Koala aka Yndi Ferreira DaSilva. Based between Paris and Berlin, Dream Koala crafts a delicate and dreamy electronic sound with this je-ne-sais-quoi that makes him really special. Come early to see by yourself, Dream Koala will perform right after sunset.

Dream Koala's Ocean

This Sunday October 20, Le Bain presents Nouveau York, featuring Yuksek (PartyFine), Télépopmusik (Antipop DJ set) and a live performance by Dream Koala. 5pm-3am. The Standard, High Line.

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