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Le Bain: That Work is still pretty mysterious as a band but you and your partner Kosuke have been DJing around. What can we expect from you in the coming months?
Harry McNally: DJing has been really fun and provides a particularly nice contrast to working long hours in the studio. We've been steadily writing and recording new material which will begin to surface later this year. The live show is the next step for us. So, definitely a lot of work on the horizon. Time will tell.

That Work Act Like You Know

Listening to the 2 tracks that I was able to find, Secret Lover and Act Like You Know, it would be easy to pitch you as the next Holy Ghost!. Is it a stretch?
I think Holy Ghost! has an identity unique to themselves, and they have certainly been supportive since the beginning. We've worked together, both on music and photography- it's a creative dialogue that I really value. I'd like to think that a measure of success for any band is the ability to carve out your own distinct style in a genuine way. I'd like to aim for that.

You have been doing awesome photos. Could you pick one which would be a good illustration of the universe of That Work.
Thank you! It's difficult to choose just one image, but here is one I like:

Also, not sure what happened with your fashion company Pegleg which did beautiful stuff. If you had to pick one fashion item to describe That Work, what would it be?
Pegleg had a 6 year run and it was such a wild ride. Now, the brand exists in my mind like a an ex-girlfriend that I remember fondly. In terms of an item for That Work, I like this pendant that we had made:

Which recent record really surprised and impressed you?
The Darkside record from Nicholas Jaar and Dave Harring was really appealing to me. I listened to the Blood Orange record a lot. It felt like these records had their own style.

What is the most romantic thing to do in NYC this summer?
I think there is something sort of romantic about walking the streets alone on hot summer evenings. Is that OK?

On Friday, July 18, That Work and their friends take over Le Bain. Doors 10pm. The Standard, High Line.

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