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Susanne's Summer 'On Top'

TOP 3 summer activities?
1. Spending the entire weekend in bed and I don’t mean alone.
2. Strolling downtown hand in hand into the sunset. The song Summer in the City was written for a reason.
3. Late night dining and making out.

TOP 3 favorite books to read?
1. Hollywood Babylon by Kenneth Anger. I never get tired of juicy gossip about old time movie stars!
2. Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk by Legs McNeil. I LIVED THIS BOOK.
3. Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts. A complete page turner.

TOP 3 nightlife artists?
1. Gage of the Boone. Performance Artist, co-founder of a Brooklyn based queer arts collective, one of the few truly original minds I’ve had the pleasure working with.
2. One Half Nelson. His looks never cease to amaze me: I can never place them. He creates a new universe all his own. Beautiful and bizarre! Innovation personified.
3. W. Jeremy. My favorite NYC DJ. There are many wonderful DJ's out there, but Jeremy's my go to guy for a guaranteed butt shaking, crowd pumping music.

TOP 3 must-have accessories?
1. Westwood heels.
2. Cocktail rings. 3. Wigs.

The Rolling Stones Wild Horses

TOP 3 love songs?
1. Blue Jeans, Lana Del Rey
2. Love and Happiness, Al Green
3. Be My Baby, The Ronettes
3. Wild Horses, The Rolling Stones
3. I Love You, Lou Reed
3. Boyfriend, Best Coast

How could I pick only three?! Each are a highlight on my own internal Mixtape of Amour... You know what they say: Spooning leads to Forking!

Susanne Bartsch presents On Top, every Tuesday at Le Bain, starting Tuesday June 3rd.

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