Room Report

Room 227: Petra Collins & Friends

If you happened to watch Amazon's breakout series "Transparent" (we did) and you also happen to follow New York's fashion and art scenes (we do), you might have spotted Petra Collins, the New York photographer and scenester, in the final scene of the pilot episode. (She's the one playing the triangle.) Petra recently traded coasts and headed for Hollywood to blend work and fun. She sat in on writing sessions for Season 2 of Solloway's hit show. She did a shoot for Lulu mag. And while staying at The Standard, Hollywood with BFF Julia Baylis, they met up for the first time with Arvida Byström, another Internet-savvy millennial who's been making a name for herself and amassing legions of followers. In true Petra fashion, she captured it all on film. Check out her lovely LA snaps below. And if you haven't already, go back and check out the time she and her girl gang hit up our mud bath.

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