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Riton is a Night People

Blu Jemz: What are your must-visit spots when you come to New York?

Riton: Brooklyn Zoo - it was recommended to me by O.D.B.

While you're here, what's your favorite American food and does anyone in Europe do a good job of recreating it?

I'm a fan of the one-dollar slice. It has saved my life on a number of occasions. We have a few diners in London but they're pretty shit compared to here. And West Coast Mexican is also 1000 times better than the Mexican we have in Euroland.

Riton 'That Somebody' feat. Aaliyah

What was your wildest or scariest tour moment?

Maybe getting caught in a Brazilian favela during a gun fight.

And your most memorable part of your recent trip Down Under, aside from work?

It was my best Australian friend Dan and Bambi's wedding, which was totally beautiful! But hearing the shark alarm at Bondi Beach came pretty close.

Carte Blanche Gare Du Nord (Ed Banger RecordS)

What recent collaborations have you done that you are most excited about?

I've just finished a track with Irfane who sings with Breakbot. That will be on my new ED BANGER EP.

For someone unfamiliar, what do you feel is your most essential release so far? The first one they should check out?

I think my favourite must-play is Gare du Nord which I made with our good friend DJ Mehdi, but I'm really proud of my Can't Stop The Clock mixtape!

Saturday January 18, Le Bain presents Night People featuring Riton (Ed Banger), Blu Jemz and Lloydski. Doors 10pm. The Standard, High Line.

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