Put That Pasta in a Museum

Straight from the pool to The Museum of Design Atlanta.
Our signature Pool Pasta (a collaboration with design firm Jumbo) is having a moment. The Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA) unveiled Al Dente: The Design of Pasta, an exhibition exploring "the world of Italian pasta, not just as a beloved food but as a significant design object that carries a rich history, embodies regional cultures, elevates dining experiences, and fosters social connection." Our noodles are suspended from the ceiling, fully inflated for the art set's viewing pleasure. 

Al Dente includes interactive experiences, talks, culinary histories and more ways to explore pasta's evolution from humble beginnings to global staple. 
What started as a poolside Art Basel activation has landed where it truly belongs—a museum.

The shapes are inspired by familiar Italian culinary forms: macaroni, shells, farfalle, rigatoni, lasagna, tortellini, and ravioli, that feel right at home in a “pot” of water. Designed to be lounged on, each design translates its pasta inspiration into an “Emoji-fied” form, equal parts absurd and intuitive. You can shop the collection of Pool Pasta at The Standard Shop

“Unlike an avocado or pizza slice, pasta cooks in a pot of water and is served in a bowl —so it’s easy to imagine these shapes in the context of a pool,” the Jumbo team told us. “Furthermore, we found it appealing to imagine pasta quite large or yourself quite small, as if you were swimming in a bowl of your favorite comfort food. This installation touches on the delight of the miniature, or more precisely, on the delight of the miniature-made-large.”

“By exploring the design of pasta, past and present, the exhibition highlights pasta's role as a carrier of sauce, but also as a medium of cultural expression, connecting people across the globe with Italian traditions,” says Laura Flusche, Ph.D., Executive Director of MODA and curator of the exhibition. 

Take a peek at some pics from the exhibition opening...


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