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NICKODEMUS: Eric, with theLIFT, you’ve build one of the best parties in Los Angeles, hosting everyone from Dam Funk, Erykah Badu, Gilles Peterson, Bonobo, Osunlade... What about L.A. made it possible to do this successfully?

ERIC TUCKER: I suppose that 'way out west' mentality was key to our renegade success! I've certainly been blessed with many years of hosting and DJing alongside the planet's finest players. Your party, "Turntables On The Hudson," was my starting point of what a successful event should be. The openness to music and community is truly rare. With Jeremy Sole and Jonathan Rudnick, theLIFT took on a similar vibe for the West Coast, under-the-radar warehouse scene. LA is a wonderful playground for that. The element of surprise we brought to the eclectic bookings (let's say Quantic one month and then Moodyman the next) was consistent with each mystery location. TheLIFT was a huge roll of the dice each and every month.

Eric Tucker aka DJ Wiseacre's latest mix

Eric: Both of you are relentless globe trotters.. What are your top places to eat dinner worldwide?

Nickodemus: Morgan Donostia in San Sebastián (Spain). It's run by another good Gorka of the region. He's the best cook and is always there making magic happen! In Saigon, the best restaurants are on the street. You can sit at a restaurant and as the food comes piling out, vendors roll up on bicycles and motorbikes to sell you their specialties of squid, clams, fruit, lighters, or watches. In Brooklyn, it's Guisippina's Pizza - a true homecoming. The oven reminds me of the fireplace I never had. In Beirut, there's a secret hummus spot on a side block in the center of the city. It's made right in front of you and it's the best I've ever had. I only know how to get there by walking. One day I'll record my steps and share the Beirut bling!

LEFTO: In Los Angeles, I always go to the Road To Seoul. It's a Korean barbecue place and I love it. In Singapore I love the open air food markets they have with different dishes from different countries - the king prawn with garlic is so good. In Hong Kong there's an amazing Michelin-starred Dim Sum restaurant and in Tokyo it's all about the barbecues, too - I just love grilled meat and vegetables. I always save some money for the best Kobe meat. And in Atlanta, apart from the club called The Soundtable, there's also very good food being served.

Lefto's latest radio show on Studio Brussel

NICKODEMUS: Did you have time to get a new tattoo in Atlanta? Can you explain the tattoos you have down your arm?

Lefto: Well, there are a few different tattoos on my arms, but I guess you're referring to the airport codes that form a line from my wrist to my neck. These are airport codes from the places I've been and really enjoyed. I have to add an additional 5 or 10, but I just don't know where to put them anymore. There are still many places I'd like to visit in Asia, Africa, and South America. I've only been to Brazil in South America and I'm sure I'd love all the other countries.

Lefto: Eric, before we go, what would you say is the main difference between European and American club culture?

ERIC: America usually seems to be a few steps behind the current sounds of Europe. Although LA has its Low End Theory family, the States continue to follow and not lead in underground music. It's funny how American producers and DJs fare better touring Europe than the States. Maybe European ears are more open. The overwhelming number of European music festivals may explain some of this hunger for new music.

Nickodemus in the mix (Turntables On The Hudson's 15 anniversary)

Sunday, April 19th, Le Bain presents Turntables On The Hudson X theLIFT featuring Nickodemus, Wiseacre (aka Eric Tucker) and Lefto (Worldwide). 9pm-3am. The Standard, High Line.

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