Le Bain

Nick Hook vs L-Vis 1990

Nick Hook: your Top 3 hamburgers?

L-Vis 1990: Shake Shack - Cheeseburger / In & Out - Cheeseburger / McDonalds - Cheeseburger.

Nick: Favourite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon?

L-Vis: Cycle ride to Prospect Park with my girl or day in bed with takeout and Twin Peaks, all depends on how hungover we are!

Nick: What records do you put on when you cook dinner for your girl and what are your top 3 peak time records right now?

L-Vis: At the moment I cook to Janet Jackson's Velvet Rope, actually that record is on all the time! Too Good! Peak time tracks... Girl Unit - Club Rez (Rizzla Bootleg), Vissacoor - Global Kidz, Helix - Track Titled 1 (Neana Bring in the Katz Edit)

Cubic Zirconia, one of Nick Hook's music project

Nick: What do you miss most about London?

L-Vis: Friends & Fam, Turkish Food and lazy sundays at the pub with cider and a roast... Do you believe in God? If not, is there another dude you pray too?

Nick: I'm not sure if I believe in God. I just try and think that good things will happen and my friends are ok and that reciprocates.

L-Vis: Would you rather have Hamburgers for eyes or charcoal for shins?

Nick: Hamburgers for eyes. All day.

Armand Van Helden Witch Doktor (L-Vis 1990 Edit)

L-Vis: If you were a female Rapper which one would you be and why?

Nick: Missy Elliot. Dopest music, Dopest Videos, Dopest clothes. Best writer for other people. Plus she keeps it fun.

L-Vis: London or Paris?

Nick: Paris all day. My four prerequisites for a city : Beauty, Food, Transportation and Quality of beautiful women. Paris passes all of these with flying colors and beyond that, Parisians work ethic is always inspiring to me. Every time i am there i always am super productive but i also learned how to enjoy myself from the culture. I also find myself falling in love 5-7 times a day there. No disrespect to london tho, the music, dj and radio culture is amazing as well!

Friday September 20, Nick Hook takes over Le Bain with special guest L-Vis 1990. Doors 10pm.

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