Le Bain

Most Excellent Gets Rinsed

Blacky II, Dan Wender and A.Pop, the maestros behind of one of New York's wildest gatherings, join forces with Paul Raffaele to celebrate proper, Le Bain style ...

As his label puts it "Spirit of the Body is a fascinating and versatile collection of dance floor dream weapons drawing from Blacky II’s recent stint in Montreal, with R n' B influences and superbly affected vocals, an undeniable signature style of arpeggiation, and complex, moving rhythmic layers. With each track clocking in at 135bpm, this is not a collection of typical house jams but a bold attempt to redefine the peak hours of a club night. All three tracks are infectious dancefloor stompers with cutting edge architecture and timeless execution."

Go Blacky II, we are proud of you! It's time to dance and get wet in Le Bain!

Friday August 16, Le Bain presents Rinsed Most Excellent featuring Blacky II, Paul Raffaele, Dan Wender and A.Pop. Doors 10pm. The Standard, High Line.

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