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Luca Bacchetti, On The Other Side

LE BAIN: 'Underground' dance music can sometimes sound a bit homogeneous, but your sound is surprisingly personal. There's something more to it...
LUCA BACCHETTI: It may seem odd, but I find the concept of 'underground' in music to be limiting. I don’t think of myself as 'underground.' Underground is a large boiling pot in which thousands of worlds get mixed up. If I had to coin a new definition, perhaps 'Deeper Music' would be something closer to the way I see things. I just believe that an artist has to listen to his own voice, or at least maintain his identity, instead of aligning himself to what’s happening around him. There are ridiculous productions around, well-made copies of other stuff, very functional for the dance floor, but artistically they’re nothing, only emptiness.

Luca Bacchetti The Space Between US (Endless)

Do you think the devil is in the details?
The difference is indeed in the details. A painting would never be great without the nuances. Perhaps my world, and that of many other artists I admire deeply, resides in just that: in certain nuances or details, in the space between one color and another, between the downbeat and the upbeat...

What piece of art (outside of music) has really inspired and surprised you lately?
Nature - that of my special places in Tuscany - surrounded by its beauty, its details, by its silence. I spent a month immersed in this wild place where I always go to when I get the time. I listened to electronic music through headphones whilst walking through a forest at night - it’s a unique experience that’s inspiring! In general the city levels you out, whereas places like these help you reconnect with yourself. After all, I started here, dreaming of doing this job in the way I saw it, from this romantic perspective.

Livio & Roby Ananda (Luca Bacchetti Endless remix)

You're Italian born, raised in the Tuscan Apennines. What was the influence of being surrounding by mountains as a kid?
I was not born in Detroit, I was not born in London, and not even in Naples! In those cities, movements were born, there were scenes. By being born in those cities, you already carry a trademark. My roots are here, in the Apennines, where I had no way to have contact with others who had the same interest. When I was 14, the internet didn't exist, but I could enjoy music by listening to the radio! One thing I always had on my mind, was that I wanted to do this work - those mountains were not an obstacle - but it always piqued my curiosity to see what was on the other side. In those conditions, I did things instinctively and naturally. I think it's still in me, even though I live in a city such as Barcelona and travel a lot.

Maher Daniel & John Charnis Lonely Stars in Open Skies (Luca Bacchetti Endless remix)

You're now based in Barrio Gotico in Barcelona, which sounds like a perfect place to live. Could you tell us why you settled there? What is the best thing to do in Barcelona this spring 2015?
You're right! From the inside I see Barrio Gotico more like a big village and less like a city. The quality of life is good, Barcelona has a good airport. I live in the center, but in 15 minutes I can be at check-in. Get a bike and take a ride on a sunny day in Barceloneta! Stop to eat at one of the chirinquitos. After a short time you’ll feel the need to get back to the studio to lay down some ideas...

Tell us about your label Endless and the artists that you work with. You seem very attached to a sense of community, working together. What's your driving force?

I’m very instinctual. I understand when I’m in front of a genuine person and this genuineness is then reflected in his music. On Endless, I want to publish music that gives me something different. I encounter very special people who are careful about what they're doing, preferring the artistic spirit to the 'political.' With Endless, politics do not enter!

Saturday, May 2nd, Le Bain presents Luca Bacchetti (Endless Worldwide) and Curses (Safer At Night). Doors 10pm. The Standard, High Line.

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