Le Bain

Select Summer Fridays, Rooftop Heydays

We chat with Katie Longmyer of Good Peoples and Jules Kim of Bijules, before they return to Le Bain's rooftop for their Select Summer Friday weekly sunset party, starting Friday, May 24th.
LE BAIN: Here we go again for another season of Select Summer Fridays! What’s up since last summer? 

JULES: I have just opened a new jewelry showroom in the belly of the Phillip Lim flagship store on Great Jones and have recently launched a new line of Bijules gold pieces for the summer!

KATIE: I’ve been traveling for the past 4 months as much as possible, going to mountain tops, beaches, the deep south and more. I’m back just in time to hold court every week on our favorite NY Rooftop!

What’s your motto for the Summer 19? 

JULES: "Just Un-Do it!"

KATIE: "Nous sommes tous faits de rêves." [We are all made of dreams.]

Can you tell us something about the summer when you were 19? 

KATIE: I was a club promoter for a big dance music weekly party called BUZZ in Washington DC. The foundation of the promoter I became started with the community and music that I discovered back then. We’re still going strong!

JULES: Back from France after having lived there for a year abroad, I rode my motorcycle everywhere and bar hopped! I was living on the edge at 19! The edge is 18 floors up now with no need for a helmet [Laughs].

"I imagined the pulse of New York City beating like the shape of our horizon. We make this city breathe and dance." –Jules Kim

Jules, your fashion coup-de-coeur for the summer to come?

The sun is going to be smiling on us each Friday so I am super tempted to bring my Chinatown visor find. It's this polarized rave-like visor that the ladies on Grand Street sport when they are out in the sun! Bladerunner meets summer party!

Katie, what’s your musical coup-de-foudre?

Deep vibrating bass and the warmth it brings as it wraps around you–just like our sunsets and our rooftop views.

We love the new SSF mix by Project Matt. How would you describe it using a metaphor? 

KATIE: That tangible vibe you feel when you catch the eye of a future lover in the corner of the club for the very first time.

JULES: Like the breath we take as the sun sets...

Select Summer Fridays'2019 mix by Project Matt

What does the NY skyline inspire you, as seen from Le Bain’s rooftop?

KATIE: There are too many stories to tell when remembering our sunsets, but my favorite part of Select Summer Fridays is the businesses, friendships,  projects, ideas and love affairs that start with us every year–and are still going!

JULES: The skyline that we view each week during Select Summer Fridays inspired the red heartbeat in this season’s art direction. I imagined the pulse of New York City beating like the shape of our horizon. We make this city breathe and dance. I am happy to be part of a culture that continues to enrich this aspect of the city.

Select Summer Fridays returns to Le Bain
every Friday of the summer, 3pm
Opening party: Friday, May 24th
Resident DJ: Project Matt with guests


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