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In the Mix: Lawrence Lee

NYC DJ and producer Lawrence Lee delivers an exclusive mix before he celebrates his new release, "BioDome," at Le Bain on Saturday, June 30th.
LE BAIN: Tell us about your mix.
I wanted it to reflect a bit of how I would play at on a given night. There's some atmospheric rave and acid stuff, some UK influence techno, a bit of tribal rhythmic stuff, and always a jacking element. I don't like to plan too much as far as specific tracks go because some of the spontaneity gets lost, so there wasn't anything like a clear setlist. I think it always ends up feeling more natural that way. 
Lawrence Lee's Mix for Le Bain

Are you still between Berlin and NYC or definitely back in town? 
I'm still back and forth between Berlin and NYC and also traveling a lot. Berlin is great for the things that it allows for, like space, freedom, and time. It's less about it being some kind of scene or hub for dance music. But with that said, I do think that the clubbing culture and clubbing community exists in a way that's truly unique and special in Berlin.

We’ll be celebrating your new EP, BioDome, on your label Parka. You're about to launch a new label this year called A7A, you have a new release on Safer At Night, a new remix on E-Missions…  Have you been super active in these last few months?
Being out of your comfort zone always helps to trigger motivation and inspiration, and I've been in a lot of new situations in the past year or so. I also think there's a really great energy brewing amongst all the people around me, which also helps. There are people like Sal (P Leone) who runs E-Missions, or Mike Bloom from Madjazz. I think we're at the point now where we all feel we have something to add to the conversation as far as the music goes. Parka is more of a collaborative effort between some of my close friends, like a home base for us to meet. A7A will be the first label project I'm doing completely my own. It's liberating and also challenging in its own ways, but I'm really excited to share everything in the fall when we launch with our first EP.
You said your new label A7A will be a "merging of futurism, tribalism, science/technology, consciousness, and exploration...” 
I've always had a curiosity for things like space travel and technology of the future, so it felt natural for the label to take on a sci-fi edge. It has a lot to do with world building. It's also exciting and important to me to build an aesthetic around the music. You can expect it to be spacey, electronic, futuristic, but also primal. 

So how does the future look like?
You'll have to stay tuned into A7A to find out! [Laughs.

On Saturday, June 30th, Le Bain presents Parka
feat. Lawrence Lee, Juan Ramos & Peter Fonda
The Standard, High Line | 10pm

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