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JOYRIDE's Bangers

Get ready for the next installment of our monthly dancehall reggae party, JOYRIDE, on Thursday, September 6th, with a playlist by resident DJ, Gravy.

Shinehead's "Rough And Rugged"
Shinehead represents both Jamaica and New York City and brings a unique combination of patois and NYC street slang. Each verse is a crescendo, building up in intensity and climbing up in pitch till they peak and reach the hook. Epic.

Tiger's "When"
Tiger's voice is appropriately growl-y and animated. The song shouts out different cities, landmarks, and currencies, but is also somewhat centered around a famous Jamaican cop who eventually became promoter of Jamaica's biggest annual concert. What other song shouts out a cop?! All that aside, it bangs in the club!
Timberlee's "Bubble Like Soup"
This is one of those records the crowd doesn't have to know to enjoy or dance to. I knew it the first time I heard it...on MySpace! It's something of a classic at this point, even though Timberlee has been inactive in music for almost 10 years now.

DJ Gravy is a "musician, selector, publisher and an OG New Yorker, who represents the diversity of where he's from."
Vybz Kartel's "Fever"
This song is a crossover hit on urban radio by dancehall's top artist currently five years into a 35 year bid. Yeah, I know...but I never get tired of hearing or playing it. Actually, the lyrics keep growing on me more and more since it dropped over two years ago. In the middle of the song, he goes into a sort of Patois Pig-Latin. Can you make it out?!

Milipee walapaa pulupoosilipee
Colopum ala my yalapaad fi li di li
Belepes fulupuk
Fi li di li, belepes fulupuk

Fling Yuh Shoulda's "Ding Dong"
Ding Dong is Jamaica's most popular living dancer, responsible for countless dance moves and a heavy catalogue of songs, like "Badman Forward," "Skip To My Lu," and countless more. This is one of his latest moves and its accompanying song. He's even had Jamaica's prime minister do the move. It's definitely fun to see on the dance floor, and it's easy to learn if you don't know it already.

On Thursday, October 4th, Le Bain presents JOYRIDE
feat. DJ Gravy and Stretch Armstrong
The Standard, High Line | 10pm

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