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We chat with Caroline D'Arcy Gorman, the editor-in-chief of queer NYC magazine "DRØME," before we celebrate Pride with them at Le Bain on Saturday, June 23rd.

LE BAIN: After the election of November 2016, you said, "There's this sense that we have to be fiercer and more unapologetic about who we are." That sounds like a good motto Pride. In DRØME's vision, what should Pride stand for in 2018?
CAROLINE D'ARCY GORMAN: Pride 2018 should be about making spaces where everyone feels welcome and able to celebrate themselves, however they choose. Pride 2018 should definitely involve a lot of dancing and techno, as well.

"Drøm" is the Danish word for "dream." What's DRØME's dream?
The dream has always been to empower young creatives and build a strong community of artists. Through our aesthetic and our message, we hope to expand DRØME well beyond the pages of the magazine and really embody the alternative voice of the generation. Our digital community is super important, but it’s hard to facilitate meaningful relationships through digital means. So, our ultimate goal is to acquire a physical space and continue to produce content through video, print, and online. The space will allow us to focus on building a collaborative community and enable meaningful connections in person. We also want the space to turn into a nightclub in the evenings.

Caroline D'Arcy (right) with Satchel Lee, the executive director of "Drøme."

"In Berlin, nobody cares who you are."

You spent eight months in Berlin and its nightlife and art scene have been a big influence for you. You came back to NYC to create the magazine. As a New Yorker, how would you compare the creative energy of both cities? Is NYC still a place where "things get done"?
Definitely. Both cities possess incredible energy, but Berlin is more relaxed than New York. There is much more space to think and feel and Berliners are not concerned with networking in the same way that a lot of New Yorkers are, particularly in fashion. You kind of have to be here. Everyone is always hustling and grinding in New York, which can be stressful, but the movement of the city is also a catalyst for getting things done. People are always looking ahead for the next move and have really strong work ethics. People are not as pressed for time in Berlin, and are more focused on experience over product. You’ll be dancing in a club at 11a.m. on a Monday and the club is still full. It’s wild. I miss the anonymity of Berlin. Nobody cares who you are as long as you have a good vibe, which I love. New York is much more about who’s who. Both cities cultivate independence and are certainly inspiring in their own ways.

Another big influence has been Instagram. You said that it "helped train your eye and refined your aesthetic.” I like this idea that you feed yourself from the digital, but don’t get stuck in it, and that it inspires you to print a magazine, especially since you are in your twenties. What magazines or zines have been an inspiration to you?
Over the past couple of years, I have accumulated a good variety of print magazines and books. I like taking the pages out and lay everything out on the floor to see what kinds of fonts or colors or images are catching my eye. I really like old fashion advertisements. I took a class in school where we had to study different advertisements from the '20s, '30s, and '40s and write about them. I love analyzing looks from different time periods and seeing how fashion has changed over time.

The previous issue's theme was "Revolution." What comes after "Revolution," and what did you learn working on it?
Volume II of the print magazine was really special because the launch party doubled as a NYFW runway show, with a crowd of over 500 people. It was incredible. I learned so much both making the magazine and producing the show; I came away with a lot of gratitude for the amazing DIY spirit of young creatives. People are really down to collaborate, which is such a gift. DRØME Volume III comes out in September and we are so excited! The theme is a surprise, so you’ll have to wait until September to find out...

DRØME is more than a magazine. It’s a collective, an organization. You did a fashion show, saying, "We wanted to use the runway to elevate marginalized people and make their voices heard." What’s next on that front?
We have so much planned! We are starting a podcast on LGBTQ relationships and dating that is coming out within the month, featuring some amazing guests. We’re still in production for DRØME Volume III. We won’t be participating in September NYFW again, but DRØME will definitely be back on the runway soon. In the meantime, we’ll see you on the dance floor Saturday night at Le Bain. Don’t miss it!

On Saturday, June 23rd, Le Bain celebrates Pride with DRØME
DJs Coven King, Michael Magnan & Carlos Jadraque
The Standard High Line | 10pm

Header photo by Wilmore Oliveira

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