Le Bain

Le Bain Backstage

Bright Colors: She usually wears black on black. That night she decided to switch things up. She was amazed at how many guys kept offering her drinks.

Divas: While they didn't make it to the VMAs that night, they had their own after party at Le Bain. Mariah Carey must have been in the bathroom ...

DJ Dress: On Gay Pride night, Valissa prepared her outfit with double-sided tape. Luckily, there was no wind.

Smoke Break: A well-deserved ciggy break, she came from Montreal and ended up coming here 3 nights in a row.

Pool Fashion: Some regulars at Le Bain will come 2, 3 times a week and know to come ready for the pool.

Sofa Lovers: They looked comfy so I decided to sit next to them. It was the end of the night.

Le Bain Lovers: They met at Le Bain. They both used to work here. Now they come for a dance and a kiss.

Bathrooms: The Bathrooms are often the only place during where people let down their 'club persona' and really meet.

Everybody Out: When the music stops, it's a dash for clothes.

Sunset Moon Sunrise: That day I saw one sunset, one full moon, one sunrise. The perks of working on the 18th floor.

Bitch Club: After I took the picture, the girl turned to me and tried to take my camera away. She really was a member of the bitch club, although later that night I saw her kiss a boy.

Caution: After last call is when you usually see the crazier stuff. That night, this lady decided to steal the tape around the floor being cleaned. In the background, housekeeping is trying to get his tape back.

Taxi. Any club kid will tell you: It's hard to find a cab on duty after 4am.

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