Jirawat Sriluansoi Says It All With Pride

Thai fashion maven and calligrapher Jirawat Sriluansoi understands the power of prose. In his latest installation Your Own Pride, now exhibiting at The Standard, Hua Hin, the artist gives new meaning to words that negatively impact the LGBTIQA+ community. Your Own Pride is Sriluansoi’s tribute to resilience—a celebration of love and self-acceptance. Step into a world where words come alive with the artist right here.

How have words impacted your experience in the LGBTIQA+ community?

"Each word we have chosen holds immense significance in our social circle. These are words that are part of our everyday conversations, that ignite curiosity and provoke discussion. We wanted to capture the essence of our community and reflect it through these powerful symbols."

How have these words taken on a new meaning?

“From "katoey (ladyboy)" to "queens" and "kings" to "bisexuals", these words have undergone a remarkable journey of acceptance. The fact that individuals within the community now use these terms to identify themselves is a testament to the progress we've made. It's a celebration of self-expression and embracing our true identities."


Why choose scaffolding to showcase your work?

"Scaffolding represents the sturdy structure of billboard signs. In today's digital age, where news is consumed through smartphones, billboards remain a timeless and impactful medium. We wanted to harness that power and communicate with people on a grand scale, making our message accessible to all."

What does this exhibition mean to you?

"There is no need to prove anything to anyone. What matters most is the love we have for ourselves, our uniqueness, and the people we hold dear. Love is the answer that permeates every aspect of our lives."



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