How to Be a Pleasure Professional

Ahead of the most love-fuelled day of all, we look back at The Standard, London’s ‘Pleasure Professionals in Conversation’ in The Library Lounge.

We hosted a panel made up of some of UK-based Lover Management’s leading talent, specialising in intimacy and the erotic. Predominantly working with sex and relationship influencers, dating apps, sexual wellness brands, erotic cinema and more, Lover Management’s work has spanned the fashion, music, communications and entertainment industries globally.

Avril Louise Clarke a.k.a “Sexology Girl”, Eva Oh and Scotty Unfamous were in conversation about jobs in the sex industry, various roles and how being a pleasure professional is for them. Where do they cross over? Where do they differ? What challenges do they face? And, most importantly—what do they enjoy? Hosted by writer, curator and researcher Anastasiia Fedorova. 'Becoming a Pleasure Professional' brought together some of Lover's 'Lovers' together to talk about their pathways and tips in the sex industry. 

Read on for practical tips to take away;

  • Reach out to find mentors and build connections within the industry to avoid feeling alone and to learn from others' experiences. Community support can help navigate challenges more smoothly than trying to go it alone.

  • Consistency is super important when starting out as an online content creator, even if the content doesn't feel perfect yet

  • Find your niche. And when you find your niche, find another niche. The money is your niche.

  • Authenticity is important, and it's okay to discuss topics that some may find taboo as long as it helps others feel comfortable with sexuality.

  • Find the right financial or tax professionals to work with. Navigating finances, taxes, and business structures can present unique challenges that accountants familiar with these industries would be best equipped to advise on. Seeking out accountants with relevant experience or a willingness to understand these fields could help manage your business needs more smoothly.


Take a peek at scenes from the session...


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