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Give Me Pleasure Planet

Standard Culture: You three have been sharing the Throne Of Blood studio before producing music together. Is it a bit like roommates finally making love?**

Brian Hersey: I'm not sure if this is what's meant, but when Andrew offered to put some drums on one track I was scared, but he said "just the rim", so I let him put that in. Then Kim Ann came along and said, "This party's weird. I just wanted to borrow your chemistry notes. Why are you guys all sweaty?"

Kim Ann Foxman: Yes you know - we were tipsy and one thing led to another and... all of a sudden we were taking turns on the mic making animal noises.

What would be the most tempting planet to travel to?

Kim: I would want to check out Kepler 22b because it has nice weather... but it would take 23 million years to get there. Of course I'd stop over to lots of planets on the way.

Andrew: Probably Gliese 581d or PSR b1620-26b. The first one is supposed to be like a huge Earth (without Earthlings) and the second one is super old so it holds tons of secrets about the Universe.

Your favorite guilty pleasure?

Kim: I love Milli Vanilli in a really deep way.

Andrew: Roy Orbison. He's like Elvis only not good looking and way cooler.

Brian: I like to pick up old copies of National Geographic on the street, not for the articles, but for the sexy animal photos.

We know how your Pleasure Planet sounds, but how would it look?

Brian: Kind of like Iceland, but with fewer Björk sightings, really good Thai food, and it would definitely have a synth store inside of an inactive purple volcano.

Andrew: It's probably covered in a dense, dark bush. There are patchbays everywhere and its inhabitants look down on the Jupiter 8 as 'Earth Crap' so you can find them dirt cheap at Chronodollar Stores.

'Slo mo, drug chug, weirdo': Do these Soundcloud keywords make a good description of the record?

Kim: Let's add 'sci fi' into that equation.

Andrew: If you chug drugs in slow motion, you are probably a weirdo.

Brian: Those three terms were actual names of skaters I knew in high school, so yeah, I guess. Why not?

Sunday, January 26 at Le Bain, Nouveau York and Throne Of Blood present 'Pleasure Planet' aka Andrew Potter & Brian Hersey + Kim Ann Foxman. The Standard, Highline. 9pm-3am.

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