Untitled (Questions) at Frieze Los Angeles

Artist Barbara Kruger makes her signature sans-serif statement in a new series of Untitled (Questions) for Frieze Los Angeles

Frieze Los Angeles and The Standard welcome Barbara Kruger’s Untitled (Questions), an ongoing series of interrogations posed by the artist on bright green stickers scattered across the city, on the 6th Street Mural wall outside of the The Standard, Downtown LA. Simultaneously, Frieze Los Angeles invited Trevor Hernandez back for a second year to photograph Untitled (Questions), with one of the images printed in The Box at The Standard, Hollywood. 

The subject and object of Kruger's questions in this series, including “WHOSE JUSTICE?”, are open to subjective interpretation. Placing this question on 6th Street in downtown Los Angeles invites bypassers in their cars and on foot to consider how their personal positions are formed and what myths influence their lives. 



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