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Filmmaker Ramón J. Goñi's 'On New Terms' Shot at The Standard

Watch video here if not showing above.

A swollen summer sun blurs into the horizon. A sailboat sits motionless in the doldrums of a flat Hudson River. The dreamy, ethereal swoons of Ella Fitzgerald play lethargically – as if the record itself were starting to melt – while a beautiful, slightly unhinged woman bathes in her underwear; clutches her gold jewels; nervously cleans her fingernails. She stares intently at a gorgeous male torso on the bed. But something is amiss in this particular Hudson Studio at The Standard. She'd like to begin again, she tells us, "to not refuse to keep notes of what meant the most, not skirt my father's ghost."

Part fashion video, part art house short film (the dialogue is an interpretation of a poem by Deborah Garrison) this sombre work entitled, "On New Terms", is the vision of director Ramón J. Goñi and art director Susan Locht. (They once shot another beautifully lugubrious film at The Standard, Hollywood.) Released this week in conjunction with SHOWstudio's Death exhibition, "On New Terms" stars Ashley Smith, Eian Scully, Brian Shimansky, Eric Wyatt, Kilo Kish, Wynn Holmes with fashion by Phillip Lim and Bijules. Can you figure out who dies? We have a good idea.

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