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Erich Conrad Is NOT a Homophobe

STANDARD CULTURE: You've been running Thursday nights at Le Bain for almost three years. Could you share three highlights?
ERICH CONRAD: One, waking up in bed with a cute pop star and him wanting my phone number and then using it...Two, being called 'homophobic'.

And three?
Saving someone's life. One night I noticed this extremely fine looking lad standing all alone as I was grabbing drinks at the bar and I, well, actually forced him to come sit with us at our boisterously overfilled table. He came back a few months later to thank me for saving his life as he planned on killing himself that night...whatever it was I said changed that. That was definitely a highlight and rather moving.

Zig Zag at Le Bain, "leave the wife at home".

The party was founded after the ending of Beige at the B Bar (which lasted 17 years). At that time you told the New York Times: "I feel quite sad, but I hope somehow I can re-translate it somewhere else." After 3 years of Zig Zag at Le Bain, how would you describe the affiliation between the two parties?
Well it's still me...just without dinner really.

How do you explain the longevity of Beige or Zig Zag? Is running a party like writing a love story?
It is a great love story...except it's with your mistress. You leave the wife at home.

What do you think is the most exciting thing happening in NYC nightlife right now?

Well I think it rather explains itself rather refreshingly.

I found this really cool video of you walking in the street to The World in 1985. Do you still feel the same energy when you walk in New York streets at night?

Well I've always loved the streets of NYC - its been my heart and soul. I've learned everything I know on them coming or going from somewhere through the years. But I don't think we are allowed to feel anything on them now at night. You’ll get arrested now for being suspicious or making noise or whatever it is that these new uptight assholes who “think” they've moved to a Health Spa instead of New York City see fit to get their Granny Panties all up in a bunch, while eating Kale Candy. I still Loiter on them as much as humanly possible though, day or night. I really miss the hookers - they were extraordinary and wonderful.

Zig Zag by Erich Conrad, Thursdays at Le Bain. The Standard, High Line.

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