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Designer Dossier: Titania Inglis

Brooklyn-based designer Titania Inglis studied at Design Academy Eindhoven and FIT, and apprenticed with Camilla Stærk, Jean Yu, and Threeasfour before going solo. Every one of her garments is sewn in a small factory here in New York City. She answered a few questions from us about the inspiration for her latest collection, presented this Fashion Week at The Standard, High Line.

Is there an image that defines your latest collection?

What’s your favorite YouTube video?
For some reason I’m never on YouTube, but I love to watch Netflix while I’m sewing my current favorite is Wallander, a gorgeously shot Swedish detective serie, and I love to watch nature films for inspiration.

Have you ever taken a dip in Le Bain’s jacuzzi?
Not yet. It’s on the bucket list!

What’s the last book that inspired you?
Patti Smith’s Just Kids. What an amazing time to have been a young artist in New York!

Do you sketch your designs? (Can we take a peek?)
I do, although I really design by draping. I like to see what the fabric wants to do on the body.

If you could live at The Standard which one would you pick?
The Standard, High Line, of course - gorgeous views of my favorite NYC park, plus easy access to shopping and the Hudson River bike path.

What inspired this collection?
The geometric experiments of Olafur Eliasson and Buckminster Fuller.

What’s your favorite piece in the new collection?
My favorite piece is still in the works, but it combines several elements from the rest of the collection: metal, leather, and geometric forms.

You were selected to be a MilkMade designer. How has it changed your career?
It’s such an honor to be part of that line-up. Showing with MilkMade has been an amazing opportunity to get my designs in front of people who otherwise might not have paid attention this early in my career; having “MADE at the Standard” on your invitations tells people that this is something worth checking out. And the support that the MADE team provides is invaluable.

What’s your favorite childhood movie?
The Dark Crystal. The set design is phenomenal. I love that before the age of CGI, people built all those elaborate environments by hand. It’s something we’ll really never see again.

What other designers’ shows are you looking forward to this fashion week?
My favorite is Chromat - the pieces are abstract architectural heaven, and Becca, the designer, knows how to throw a killer party.

What do you do the morning of your show?
Pretty much the same routine as any other morning: wake up early, have a quick breakfast and coffee, put on a pretty outfit, and then go knock ‘em dead!

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