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Designer Dossier: Azede Jean-Pierre

For the second season in a row, Azede Jean-Pierre brought an elegance normally unforeseen in young designers, or 24-year-olds for that matter, to her show in the High Line room yesterday. Orange hues inspired by the Sahara's sky at dusk, and other vibrant tones, complimented classically strong proportions. Structured jackets were worn with flowing pants and black-ribbed grey camisoles. Knitwear was abundant: sweaters with baubles, beanies, and dresses.

A few words that describe the collection?
Warm, Comfortable, Sunsets

What is your inspiration this season?
The Sahara's sky at dusk, aerial visions of Africa, and the Australian landscape.

Do you sketch?

What have you always wanted to do but haven't even done?
Travel more, but plan on doing more of that this year.

What is your favorite street in NY and why?
Some of my favorite streets are the brownstone & tree-lined streets in Brooklyn.

Your favorite pastime?
Designing, of course!

OK the show is over, time for a vacation or back to the grindstone?
I've already started concepting for Spring, and am very excited about it!… but who says you can't sketch out ideas on a remote island?

Right this way ...

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