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Design Dossier: Houghton

Malibu native Katharine Polk's Houghton label accomplishes a somewhat paradoxical state of being both completely elegant and utterly laid back. She showed her new collection today on the High Line Terrace on what must be the most perfect September day in history. In her design dossier she reveals her inspiration for the collection and you just won't believe what it is. Hint, it's a Miami...with yellow pool chairs.

Is there an image that defines your latest collection? 

HOUGHTON x Birkenstock

What’s your favorite YouTube video?
Most bulldog videos. bulldogs on the trampolines are always dumb entertainment.

Have you ever taken a dip in Le Bain’s jacuzzi?
Not personally but witnessed plenty!

What’s the last book that inspired you?
Just Kids by Patti Smith

Do you sketch your designs?
I do.

If you could live at a Standard Hotel which one would you pick? 
I love The Standard Miami, I actually got very inspired for my S14 collection while staying there.

How so?
  While laying by the beach, taking in the breeze I sat there and sketched the entire SS14 collection in a few hours. The old school basket weave chaise lounges and palm trees can be seen interpreted on the runway. I'm simply inspired by Spring. 

What’s your favorite piece in the new collection?
There are a couple... There is a gown that I’m obsessed with, very simple and fun and also a super fun sweat suit. Also, I collaborated with Birkenstock to make shoes for the runway. I received my pair today and haven't taken them off yet! 

You were selected to be a MilkMade designer. How has it changed your career? 
It has honestly been a dream come true. I love the whole team at MilkMade. The support system is everything a young designer could ask for. 

What’s your favorite childhood movie?

What other designers’s shows are you looking forward to this season?**
Always love seeing my girlfriend Lisa Salzar, Lulu Frosts Spring Presentations

What do you do the morning of your show?
Go to Blue Dog Cafe and have my morning cappuccino which I can’t survive without.. walk Jonesy (my english bulldog), check on the office and make sure everything is picked up and getting to The Standard ok. I then make my way over to the show and oversee the load in and set up!

Right this way ...

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