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Annie O Presents: Juliet Garrett

Juliet Garrett writes honest, heartfelt, classic songs that brings the tradition of 70’s formal songwriting into the modern day. Garrett has played across Europe in London, Torino, and the Malmo Live Concert Hall in Sweden. In New York, she frequently appears at venues such as Rockwood Music Hall and the Mercury Lounge. Her debut EP, Make Believe, was just recorded in London and will be released this fall. Before her show at The Standard, East Village’s Penthouse, Annie O caught up with her to discuss everything music.
Where are you based these days?

I’m based back and forth between New York and London, but I also spend a fair amount of time in my hometown, Shelter Island.

You recorded your EP, Make Believe, in London. tell us about the recording process?

This was my first time recording (“properly recording” as they say over there) as a solo artist. I’d played in a band in Brooklyn before and we put out some low budget recordings but this was different. I was blessed to have some really stellar musicians on the record, and to work with an incredible wizard of an engineer, Fiona Cruickshank. As I was new to the process, there was so much I had to learn about on my feet. The biggest curveball for me was just how different a recorded performance is from a live one. I eventually got the hang of it though, and am really pleased with the result.

"Honestly, I’ve done everything in my power to avoid being a musician! Growing up, I always wanted to be an actress."

You come from an artistic family; how did that influence your choice of becoming a musician?

Honestly, I’ve done everything in my power to avoid being a musician! Growing up, I always wanted to be an actress. I did make up songs constantly, and my favorite thing to do was sing jazz standards with my dad playing piano, but the idea of becoming a musician as a vocation—like my dad—was anathema to me (he was and is an intimidatingly good pianist and composer). Unfortunately, I really can’t stop making up songs. When I don’t perform them or honor them in some way they start to drive me a little bit crazy, so here we are. Thankfully, both my parents have been really supportive of this decision. I'm actually playing with my dad next month! 

Who are you listening to these days?

So much Fleetwood Mac. Also, Maggie Rogers, King Princess, and can't stop bopping to 'Truth Hurts' by Lizzo.

What can we expect from your performance at the Standard, East Village as part of the Annie O. Music series?

I have an incredible live band playing with me, and we'll be playing songs off the new EP. Killer guitarist, Oli Swan from London and Melody Gardot's rhythm section, Chuck Staab on drums and Sam Minaie on bass. These guys are so good. Every time I play with Chuck he just elevates the songs to a whole new level. So, I'm really excited to share that with The Standard crowd. 


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