Annie O Presents: Domino Kirke

Annie O’s live music series in the Penthouse of The Standard, East Village is a smart bet any time of year, but in summer it’s a must. We can’t think of anywhere we’d rather be on an early summer evening than up on the rooftop, drink in hand, listening to the live sounds curated by our East Village music maven. The vibes are very real and you should come experience them for yourself.  

On Thursday, August 3rd, Annie O’s bringing NY’s Domino Kirke to the Penthouse to showcase her first full-length album as a solo artist, titled Beyond Waves (out August 25th). She’s no stranger to the biz. Soon after graduating LaGuardia High School, she signed a record deal and collaborated with her old family friend, Mark Ronson, and toured the world with her band, DOMINO. Annie O caught up with Domino before the big night to hear about her musical upbringing, side passions, and how this album came together. 
Annie O Presents: Domino Kirke
Thursday, August 3, 7-9PM
The Standard, East Village Penthouse
Free with an RSVP to

ANNIE O: Where are you based now?
DOMINO KIRKE: I'm in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.

Tell us about "Beyond Waves." Where and when did you record it and what was the inspiration behind it?
I worked on this record for a little over a year. First at Future Past Studios in Hudson, NY, then we went back to work on it a little more that spring at Strange Weather Studios in Williamsburg. I wrote the record with Luke Temple (Here We Go Magic) and Joan Wasser (Joan As Police Woman) produced it. This LP was a long time coming! After three EPS, I was finally ready, and had actually had the time (I have an 8-year-old son and was a single partner for five years) to make a full-length record. Luke really brought me out of my comfort zone as far storytelling goes. I was writing about family mostly. About age old family secrets and skeletons. This record really ends an era for me.

You recently got married. Congrats! Your husband [Penn Badgley] is pretty musical himself. Do you ever collaborate?
Thanks! Not yet. He's going back to acting for now, but I'm sure we will one day.

You come from a pretty artistic and musical family. Any favorite memories of growing up that you hope to pass on one day?
We always had a piano in the house, no matter where we lived (we moved a lot). There were lots of gathering, feeding, dancing. I hope to keep that going. There was always space for us to express ourselves artistically. 

What was it like to work with Mark Ronson? Any future collabs with other writers/producers in the works for your next project?
Mark was an old family friend. He was like a big brother. He taught me how to get out of myself for the sake of a good vocal take. I was so self-conscious back then. No plans to collaborate with anyone for now.

Would you like to speak about your other passion, Carriage House Birth?
CHB is a community center and doula collective/agency. We teach families and train doulas. The idea was born out of a real need for community for pregnant people, the new family, and beyond. I need both doula work and music in my life to feel whole. It's the perfect balance of service and creativity.

Are there any tracks by other artists you currently have on repeat?
"Mary" by Big Thief.

If Domino Kirke had a superpower, what would it be?
To rid everyone of fear.

What can we expect from your show at The Annie O Music Series?
It'll be very quiet and close. You'll hear every word. 

Any touring plans this summer?
Some. More in the fall after the record release on August 25th.

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