Le Bain

A Crush for Kim

This Friday, Kim Ann Foxman returns at Le Bain, right on time for Fashion Week. The party is hosted by Silvia Prada and the fanzine Crush. What's all the Crush about? As they put it, "Once someone told us, You really don't love me, maybe you're just obsessed. Maybe it's just a crush. Even though we shed a quiet tear, we knew it was true. CRUSHfanzine is a quarterly, New York and Paris based fanzine that explores the exquisite details of obsessions."

Read Silvia Prada interview for Crush about Silvia Prada about her upcoming exhibition, The New Modern Hair at The Pacific Design Center and order the fanzine here.

Friday February 9 at Le Bain, Fashion Week Party hosted by Silvia Prada and CRUSHfanzine, music by Kim Ann Foxman. Doors 10pm. The Standard, High Line.

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