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6 Short Films You'd Be Nothing Short of Silly to Miss

Summer has turned a corner and we're beginning to head towards fall. Kids are getting ready to head back to school, gloves and capes are gracing the runways, and the bathing suits are all on sale. But, we're not ready to quit on summer quite yet - we're gearing up for one last appearance of Short Shorts on the pool deck of The Standard, Hollywood. Sponsored by Standard Talks, and New Filmmakers LA, Short Shorts is a screening of short films followed by conversations with the people who made them.

Here’s the line-up for the last screening of the season:

Director: Jaime Ekkens

An animated documentary that explores the challenges of growing up and living with Asperger's Syndrome, the film is a voice over narrative that demonstrates that Asperger's is not simply “being a little awkward,” rather it is about adapting to one’s limitations in the face of anxiety and isolation. The film is a collage of photography, rotoscope, animated characters and live action footage.

Director: Satinder Kaur

"Tonight's the Night" is the story of eighteen-year-old Alicia Rodriquez, who is deploying to Iraq the next morning. Before she leaves, she has one wish - to lose her virginity. With the clock ticking and obstacles mounting, Alicia discovers that growing up is not all that it is made out to be.

Director: Marko Grujic

A young man gets an unexpected phone call from a girl he met once that forces him to comply to her wishes.

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Director: John Irwin

"Sold" is told through the eyes of a young journalist named Maya, who has been captured into a human trafficking ring while doing an investigative article on the treatment of illegal immigrants in America.

Director: Fillipo Capuzi Lapetria

Two friends reunite after a frustrated night with two girls. Both of them lie about the outcome of their dates, and these lies are the trigger for a flashback that reveals what really happened that night.

Director: Bettina Bilger

A modern comedy that takes us through the different stages of a new relationship, initial attraction, jealousy, miscommunication and obsessive behaviors. It touches on protecting the ego and navigating the deep passions one can have with one's neighbors, the attractive and the crazy. A love story.

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