Racket Retreat

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Whether you're a seasoned player or just down to try new things, our in-house tennis court is maintained at tournament standards, and we have professional trainers to show you the ropes. Thanks to our friends at RTC Sport, Barcelona, we've also got a certificate program run by our very own resident tennis coach. Train and compete to earn a level 1, 2, 3, Advanced or Master certificate. 

RTC Level 1: Hit the court for 10 hours of basic techniques. 

RTC Level 2: It's game time with 10 hours of tactical training. 

RTC Level 3: A 10-hour journey to tennis excellence. 

RTC Master: Conquer all 10 specialty courses in a whirlwind of forehands and serves. 

And if you're itching for some one-on-one action, our private lessons are the perfect opportunity to fine-tune your game.

Need a break from the beach? Hit the court!

We’ll supply the equipment, but you’ll need bring the competition. Plus, let us know if you require complimentary flood lights for your night match.

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